What kind of feedback should I give ???

  1. I have this dilema,

    I won the auction for this LV pochette..made in USA and the date code SD0052. I plan to give it to my sister, I think she will loves it.

    Before I paid the seller, I asked her a question just to make sure that I will receive the exact same pochette in the auction. She responded:

    you will receive the exact pochette in the picture (dustbag, authenticity card etc.) i sold two pochettes last week and the control tag on yours is AR0012 (i received payment from other winner on friday so i sold SD0052) but it is 100% authentic in mint condition (or i will refund you your $)
    thank you.

    I was mad because I think she plan on bait and switch on me. Lucky I asked the question .

    i'm sorry you felt mislead. like i said, i had two pochettes and one sold quicker than the other. both are identical and both are authentic. if you are not interested in this one that is fine, i have someone else who is interested and i will sell it to them. again, i apolgize for my mistake, i should've specified that one is made in usa and one is made in france and that is the one i have left. my mistake and i take responsibility for it and i (obviously) will not hold you responsible for the payment. but you should be aware that both are identical bags just one was made in usa and one is france.

    I told her I am not going to pay her

    no problem. again, my apologies for the misunderstanding

    She lied, she didn't sell other pochette before..I guess she stole the pics from someone else . It's the link to the auction:


    I didn't pay, should I leave the feedback?? What should I say?? I just don't want other become her victim in the future.
    Should I just ignore the whole thing?? Somehow I feel responsible to warn others..
    What do you think???
  2. NEGATIVE FEEDBACK..ALL THE WAY..THAT SUCKS! Sorry that happened..This is why I stay FAR away from Ebay..
  3. Hm. Maybe she was being honest? She isn't holding you to the contract... so she's not all that bad..

    Tough call.
  4. That's the problem...somehow I feel responsible to warn others but if I leave negative feedback, for sure she will give me one. Plus I didn't pay for the item..
  5. Know that if you leave her tjhe negative now, she will retaliate and leave a negative to your account. I think you have 90 days for feedback and you can leave the negative on the very last day and hopefully she won't catch it?
  6. I will try to remember that..but she can scam so many other within 90 days..gggrrr
  7. I was thinking about that too but I can't see how you can avoid that other than take the negative from them too. :sad: Hopefully someone else has a better idea.
  8. maybe go with neutral feedback? saying what she did but was willing to compromise.
  9. A negative isn't going to be bad for you unless you're a seller. Negative feedback doesn't really matter much for buyers. If it's warranted in your opinion, leave negative feedback.
  10. I would totally do this. Put it on your calendar to remind yourself =)
  11. Can you leave feedback for someone on Ebay if you didn't complete a sale through ebay with them? I thought you couldn't?
  12. Not sure what the rules really are but when I returned an item because there was a defect, I sitll had the option to leave a feedback. Being that I didn't consider it as a successful transaction, I didn't leave any feedback but I could've.
  13. I would leave neutral or even positive feedback to protect my rating. Then after she gives you feedback, post a follow up under the feedback warning potiental buyers.
  14. Negative feedback for sure!