What kind of feeback should I leave?

  1. So I sold a Burberry bag on eBay.

    Payment is due in 3 days of auction end. I invoiced the buyer, nothing. E-mailed her... nothing again.

    After a couple weeks I opened a dispute. I guess she got scared and paid me, that was today.

    I am going to ship out the bag today..

    How should I leave feedback for her? I wonder how she will leave feedback for me?

    Thanks for your help gals! :yes:
  2. hmm, if you leave neg. she will probably give retaliatory neg. feedback, and the same goes for neutral. That's why I hate eBay. They don't care whether you get left retaliatory neg. feedback. I left a neg. for a non-payer, and he sent one, saying i was trying to sell an empty box??? lol
  3. Times like this I don't leave feedback AT ALL. After 90 days it drops off the 'leave feedback' page. It goes against the grain, I know, but saves you any negatives on your account.
  4. I wouldn't leave any feedback at all - she certainly doesn't deserve a positive but agree with VenetiaWanter if you leave neutral or negative she'll probably do the same! :hrmm:
  5. I agree with everyone who said not to leave any at all. If you leave a neg, she will most likely retailiate. It's not worth it. Just be glad you got paid.
  6. I would wait until she left her feedback first. That or not leave any at all.
  7. your other option is to wait 89 days, leave the neg, and hope she doesn't notice before her chance to leave a retaliatory neg passes.
  8. I wouldn't leave her any FB at all. I hate people like that on eBay. Ruins it for the rest of us.
  9. I agree. I hate getting negatives I don't deserve. If she leaves feedback, then leave her a neg or neutral.
  10. i agree, dont leave FB at all..
  11. Your other option is to leave a positive, but say that the buyer paid 3 weeks after the auction ended. That way others will know that she is slow to pay.

  12. I would either do the above or leave no feedback!
  13. Thanks for the help ladies! I guess I'll wait until after she gets her bag to see what she does.
  14. Best policy! Good idea on this topic. Thank you for helping all us of with answers like these!!
  15. wait for her. when she receieves the bag, email her and ask how she likes it and if she is happy with her authentic bag. if so, ask her to leave feedback. leave something general for her, but not mean unless you feel that there is something other buuyers should know about her.