what kind of dress suits my body type? + what stores to go to?

  1. I need to get a couple of formal dresses, but I'm heavy set in my hips and thighs, but I'm lean in my upper body. I have no clue how to go about looking for a dress, (not a dressy type as you can see). Do I go for a shorter dress to accent my calves and try to balance myself out? Or do I go for a long elegant gown? I've tried some long gowns but I hate how they accenuated my hips. Any help would be great! I need dresses for a formal event, another formal (charity), and a wedding, but the wedding is in august. I'm more worried about the first two dresses! TIA! :heart:
  2. aarti, I have hips too and I like empire waist kinda dress which tight on the top and flowy on the bottom. It hides hips very well. Baby doll shape is also good.
    empire waist.jpg empire3.jpg empire2.jpg
  3. ok, i would emphasise your waist, seeing as it is defined etc.. anyway, the waist is really hot this summer.

    I vote against a long dress if you say that it doesnt do anything for your hips - how about just below the knee, mid-calf. I would stay away from flimsy fabrics, rather get a nice cotton.

    how about a nice combo of dress and coat? you could get the classic type shift dress and a matching coat? (may have to alter the dress to emphasise your waist and get a nice belt with that?) for me this is great for formal and it is a really lean look. a great pair of heels and a nice clutch, and voila.

    alternatively I would move away from a one-piece. I would get a top that really shows your upper body, say in a metallic colour - silver?, with a nice belt, and separate bottom part. an a-line skirt is a classic but again not floor length. could get the skirt in a nice black satin and again heels and clutch.

    finally, of course you could just get an a-line dress that flares out at the hip but these you have to try carefully as they could just turn out to do the opposite of what you could like. I will try to see if I can find some nice suggestions.

    sorry can't recommend any shops.. sitting in Europe.
  4. Definitely go for dresses with fitted top or strapless top and a fuller skirt.

    Dresses like these (from Nordstroms):
  5. Your best friend is the tulle skirt, empire waists, and thick belts. Let me elaborate.

    A tulle skirt helps hide any unwanted areas, and you must make sure that you get your proportions right. With such a flare-y skirt, a tailored top is a must. Heels are essential to lengthen the leg and to make the calf muscles look taut.

    Empire waisted dresses hug your curves and allow your figure to show through.

    The whole thick belt on a dress will cinch your waist in and will give you an hourglass figure that everybody wants.

    Oh yes, if you do go for the figure hugging A-line dress, allow it to hit the knee or just above the knee. Wear it with super high heels as well. The whole point of making an outfit work for you is to allow it to show off your figure when you're feeling confident, or conceal it, if you're not feeling too confident.

    I hope this helps! Note: DVF do some gorgeous wrap dresses!! See Stella McCartney as well.
  6. You guys are AMAZING! Your explanations broke it down for me, so now I know what to look for. Any suggestions of stores? Thanks again!
  7. vogue - i was thinking you would come and give express what i was trying to say in a more fashion-related manner ;).

    aarti - it depends on your financial possibility. like vogue said, a Diane von Fuerstenberg wrap dress would be a nice idea but sometimes the prints are not formal enough. I have no idea what shops you have in your area but if I can't afford to spend a fortune I go to Zara or Mango - especially if it is just for a one-off do. how about going to your local big department store, they may have a variety of brands, and of course a price range.

    good luck dress hunting - i wish i was in your shoes.... :smile:. oh, and don't forget to post what you bought in the end - we are all curiously waiting....
  8. Ladies and gents, this is a long shot - does this cotton lycra wide strap dress look too casual?




    Also in black, brown, charcoal and burgundy.

    What if you wear gorgeous jewelry to go with it?

    Aarti, this designer custom makes comfortable, stylish and very well-made clothing. Turnaround time is around two weeks, she goes on vacation in early June. Would highly recommend that you bookmark her for future reference :smile:
  9. ^ Fabric looks clingy.
  10. ^clingy fabrics will not look good on those with a heavier bottom. Look for something with a better fit that will SKIM your hips.
  11. Thanks, Shari and [vogue].