what kind of dog do you have?

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  1. i know we have some bonafide dog lovers lurking around this forum. and if they are anything like me they would love to gush about their dogs!
  2. I have 2 min pins. Lilly is a fawn and tan, 6 months old and Violet is black and tan, and she is 3. (I just realized yesterday thier initials are LV) too funny. I LOVE my girls...they have brought alot of happiness into our lives. They are CRAZY fun!
  3. my girls
    Michelles Camp La Jolla 031.jpg
  4. Two Keeshonden and a Collie-mix!
  5. An Aussie Terrier - Bundy. He can be a bit of a handful at times, but he has the sweetest personality and I just love him to bits.
  6. Daisy Duke is my 4 1/2 year old crazy pug. She is the absolute greatest dog in the world (:P Seriously!)!!!!!
  7. I have a salt & pepper miniature schnauzer named Brody...he's my baby!
  8. I had an Australian Terrier named Rusty when I was a kid. What a great breed!
  9. I have two Silky Terriers, one silver and tan and the other is black and tan. Me and my husband already had 5 kids total when we got together and as neither of us wanted more children we got the dogs instead. And we baby them, they even sleep between us :shame:
  10. A little Jack Russell. Cute little boy, I love him!
  11. I myself currently have a westie named Leander, Lee for short.
  12. Pomeranian and Toy Eskimo mix. She's my little fluffmonster

    Oh yea... and my boyfriend stuffed her into a soda can box in that last pic....

    Dog in Box.. PATENT PENDING!
    parker2.jpg DSCF0142.JPG parkerbox.jpg
  13. Pure bred golden retriever named Riley. He's so sweet and fun.
  14. Sunshine - your mini pins are georgeous! Makes me want another!!!

    My little girl, Lizzie, is a 4 yr old red min pin, she is completely spoiled in every way, and even at 5 pounds is the best watch dog we've ever had.
  15. Your babies are adorable.:love:

    I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Austin is on the left and Dudley is on the right.
    dudley and austin.jpg
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