What kind of dog are you? Take a test!

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  1. I'm a Terrier! and damn proud of it too. :amuse:
  2. Terrier :amuse:
  3. Yet another here Terrier, too. Funny our dog growing up was a terrier!
  4. LOL! I am a rottweiler,my nine year old is a pitbull! too cute!thanks for posting!~
  5. i was a rottweiler too. odd. i don't feel like a rottweiler. :smile:
  6. Terrier
  7. I'm a terrier :biggrin:
  8. terrier:noworry:
  9. Terrrier.
  10. Maybe terriers fit in those cute little pet carrying bags!
  11. and Terrier also!
  12. Pit bull ;) .... lol
  13. I'm a Rottweiler too. I am not sure I like that.
  14. Terrier...I'm sensing a trend here...! lol