What kind of deodorant do you use?

  1. I keep switching and can't find one I really like. I've tried both expensive and cheapies and natural (like Tom's).

    Anybody have any favorites?
  2. lol! secret powder fresh. Hope this helps.
  3. Secret :heart:
  4. secret solid unscented
  5. Nature's Gate Lavender one. It doesn't leave gunk on my shirts.
  6. Secret, been using it forever. They have a good selection. Sometimes the health food stores have some nice ones.
  7. I use the Fresh Line. From Sephora. It's their sugar roll-on. I love this stuff!! It dries in seconds, NEVER leaves any residue (very important to me in a deodorant), and has this subtle sugary- lemon smell. It's about 19 bucks. well worth it.
  8. Secret.
  9. secret
  10. Adidas makes one with some sort of special technology where it's a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. I don't think antiperpirants are healthy, but they are hard to avoid. I use the fitness fresh version of it. It's at your drugstore or drugstore.com
  11. Degree for Women
  12. Tom's of Maine Natural deodarant is fantastic!
  13. I use Almay's clear deodorant gel. Works wonders! It doesn't keep you from sweating (it's only a deodorant) but then again, blocking your glands isn't very healthy, or so I think. It's great, doesn't stain, it takes little time for it to dry and most importantly, keeps you from smelling LOL.
  14. Dove's Unscented Clear Sensitive Skin.
  15. dove invisible solid for sensitive skin. i like it because it's fragrance free and works with my skin chemistry. most deoderants (fragranced and non) turn weird smelling on me. now if i could only find one that was truely invisible, even with black shirts, i'd be a happy woman.