What kind of damage does your dog cause?

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  1. HI Everyone,

    I'm new to this area of the forum but I've been lurking and you all seem so sweet.

    We are getting a 6 month old golden doodle in about a week. I researched the breed and it seems like it will be a good fit for our family. We have three kids ages 3, 5 and 8. Just curious to see what kind of damage your dog whether big or small did to your house and/or backyard... Just trying to prepare myself for what's to come. We currently have a maltese (they've met) so she's pretty harmless.

    My friend has said that large male dogs kill the bushes from half way down?:shrugs:

    We are so excited to get this new addition to our family taken with the good and the bad..... mostly good I hope!:angel:

    Thanks for any insight. I've never had this big of a dog before!!:yahoo:
  2. I think it is all about training, obedience and giving the dog appropriate activity to control damage. My parents have a lab/shepard mix that is about 100 pounds and he is the gentlest dog ever and non-destructive. But, he gets lots of attention, has a fenced yard w/ a pool enclosure and doors to go into the yard, house and pool area as he likes. He is also walked daily.

    I have an 8 pound dog and he will chew shoes if you leave them out, even though he knows not to. He tried to chew the coffee table once and I disciplined him and would correct him when he'd try again. He got the picture. He is not a digger, so I don't have an issue w/ the yard.

    You'll have some issues, but it is all how you work through them. Good luck and congrats on your new furry family member!
  3. my dog doesnt do big damages at all.
    She eats the trash every once in a while.
  4. owns a shih tzu and has terrorized my sister's homework one time and chewed my glasses otherwise she sleeps
  5. When my Chi was younger he chewed a pair of my shoes and my night stand. He grew out of the chewing stage and hasn't damaged anything in 3 years.
  6. I have a pug and she doesn't chew on anything in the house or cause damage-- HOWEVER, pugs are notoriously stubborn and she was very difficult (for me) to housetrain. She still has 'accidents' at 10 months old.
  7. My puppy is teathing so she chews everything!

    Her latest trick is to run around the house with the toilet paper. It's so funny to see but soooo annoying!
  8. I think the first thing you should do is train it not to jump up onto things, such as the couch, counters, tables, the bed... etc. This will help you keep things out of reach for him and simplify the situation. That way, it's not, "Bad! Don't chew that! Don't take that! Don't do that!" It'll just be "Don't jump!"
    At that point, just make sure not to leave things within his reach
  9. Holes! my dog chews holes in every wall space he can get his face on!!!!
    But make sure you start early on to teach your puppy not to chew on cables!!! Sooo irritating!
  10. btw: wats a doodle? Poodle mixed with???
  11. A golden doodle is a golden retriever/poodle mix. Non shedding!

    HI, Thanks for all your replies... I'm sure with love and patience he will be a valued member of our family. Can't wait to get him!!:yahoo:
  12. Retreiver is the keyword......your dog will naturally like to put things in his/her mouth. You will need to teach bite inhibition, and leave it , and definately obedience training. Kennel training your dog would be benficial as well. Good luck!

    Also, there is no garauntee that they won't shed, we have 2 at the training center that both shed.
  13. My boston terrier used to eat straight through walls, she liked eating sheetrock. She did thad until she was about 2 yrs old. My pugs used to eat all the wood trim around the windows, they'd just chew it to pieces. They stopped at about 2 or 3 yrs old as well. Luckily we sold that house, it was a starter home.
    They are all pretty well behaved now, they haven't destroyed anything in the new home (we've been here about a year)
  14. AWWW I love golden doodle's my cousins got one in august and she is the cutest, very high energy lol. I love the frizzy hair. Anyhoo, my dog a little yorkie, doesnt cause much damage other that him being bad about the bathroom issue, only occasional accidents, oh and he has sensitive stomach so he get "the runs" (UGH). But other than that he is good. My poodle fluffy, (RIP) when he was a puppy he used to chew walls and doors baby gates, everything, but he grew out of it
  15. My goldie tears newspaper and chew slippers when she's a pup. And now she's about 6, she eats rubbish and vaccum the floor for us ( Should we dropped any food )