What kind of COMMENTS/RESPONSES do you get on your GUCCIS?

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  1. :idea: I saw a thread like this on the LV thread and decided to see what kind of comments do Gucci owners receive when they take their bags and accessories out into the world.

    Do you get asked the "is it real?" question? or "how much was it?"

    My mom commented on my new canvas Pelham when i ripped the bluefly box open and said it reminded her of a Coach bag i use to have. I was like :cursing: but then i realized i tend to navigate to this pleated style. (more comments to come!)

    Please share stories, comments, responses, happy and sad things?
  2. Normally first question I get is - is it real? Then how much did it cost you then they're always like wow, that's so much! Lol ...
  3. my co workers and friends usually just say oh its so nice or thats a big bag because i tend to always purchase huge bags
  4. No one ever asks me "is this real?" but I would be upset if they ask me that :nogood: I only get compliments on my Gucci.
  5. "How much was that?!"
    "So, what no more Coach for you?" (I used to be a HUGE Coach freak)
    "You should get that plasticized." From an old lady holding a vintage gucci. She said she didn't like the canvas bags because they get dirty...etc, etc. So she said I should get my Full Moon tote plasticized.
  6. How much was that?
    Where do you work?
    Must be nice.
    You're parents must be rich.

    And tons of other inappropriate assumptions.
  7. "Is it real?" seriously im kinda annoyed by those questions
  8. well howard...those boots do make you look like a million bucks lol

  9. And btw...(no offence to LV or their forum) but no one ever compliments my LV speedy...maybe because half of NYC has it ?:shrugs:
  10. LV is kinda known for their speedy! I always wanted one but since my carpal tunnel, i cant hand hold my bag.:Push:
  11. I get the is it a coach comment a lot and how much was that? Is it real? I like your bag on all my blondies.
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    I've never got is it real question. One time, an SA at a shoe store told me she loved me my guccissima boston. Then when I was at a tearoom, one of the customers asked me what designer it was (she was actually sitting pretty far from me and couldn't see it - I was carrying the canvas boston) and I told her it was gucci. She told me it was beautiful bag. It was funny because we were having this conversation several tables apart from each other...lol...

    Where I live people know of Gucci but very few has one and there are very few fake Gucci being carried - most go for a fake Coach, fake LV speedy or that hideously fake Chanel tote (mostly the teen girls). So most people just assume my bags are real.

    Though I did have someone asked me how much I spent on the guccissima bag and after I gave the price that I paid for it, she responded with: "You must not have kids."
  13. :roflmfao: You made me laugh out loud..:urock:
  14. I never get asked the "Is it real question" I usually just get nice "I like your bag" compliments.

    My old co-workers would always ask "How much was it?" and then I would answer with whatever price it was and then they would always say "Kids these days, don't understand the value of a dollar!" and the whole "What on EARTH do you need a purse that costs that much for?!?" and my favorite "This generation is so materialistic!"

    One even went on to tell me how her bag cost her $10 and it does the same thing my bag does. I don't try to argue because to them they'll always be right.
  15. Some of my co workers won't say a thing when I walk in with a new bag. When someone gets a new bag in the office, I always say how nice it is. I also notice other say nice things when someone gets a bag. I am the only one that buys high end bags which is my preference. And nothing is wrong with other bags, but sometimes I think when a person does not say anything its saying something. Do you know what I mean..