What kind of coffee do you drink?

  1. I brew my own at home (just invested in a programmable coffee maker -- I have coffee ready when I wake up!). I use Starbucks Breakfast Blend because it actually has more caffeine than the others -- ZING! :choochoo:

    What about you?
  2. for me its Lavazzo italian, strong black espresso and sometimes a machiato
  3. I usually grind my own beans and brew at home. I like dark roasts, and use Starbucks sometimes but usually a local brand that is very good and roasted fresh in the store. I drink mine with Spenda and fat free half and half. I am about have some some more right now...
  4. I drink this Chocolate Macadamia Nut coffee from Kona. Sooooooo good...:yes:
  5. I grind my own beans as well, favourite Starbucks beans are Serena, Sulawesi and Verona.

    My favourite coffee - I order regularly from Kona, Hawaii from a plantation I visited a couple of years ago - is .. um 100% Kona ! - I love their Peaberry blend - its a completely round bean only 1 in 7 beans picked are completely round and they seperate them and its a bit sweet on its own. Kona has a mild taste but very potent with caffine - but they do produce a decaf and I often cut the regular with a percentage of decaf if I want to drink several cups. Love this stuff :smile: Starbucks doesn't carry it since Kona is just too limited of a supply for them to maintain enough regular stock. I get it from their site : http://www.greenwellfarms.com/

    If you are ever in Kona check them out! They let you pick bananas from the tree to snack on while you tour and drink all the samples you like :smile: Yum!
  6. Funny, you should ask... I'm drinking the only coffee drink I like right now. It's called a Funky Monkey and it's from a locally owned coffee shop. It's a blended mix of mochaccino, bananas and chocolate. It's so yummy but I'm sure it's got a million calories so I don't get it very often but thoroughly enjoy it when I do:yahoo:
  7. I drink regular brewed coffee in the mornings, with 2% milk. But I can't pass up a good latte. :smile:
  8. I recently discovered these coffee packets.

    I buy them @ the Asian market..

    It's called VINA CAFE

    just add hot water. Tastes good too!
  9. ONLY free trade...anything else is disgusting to me because i just think it's pointless to buy otherwise.
  10. When I can get it, I prefer Xtreme Free Trade not-for-export brought back in suitcases by people returning from visits with people who actually picked it.

    The rest of the time, I prefer Cafe du Monde, but because for some reason, it has become wildly popular with people from Southeast Asia, you really have to be there on delivery day in order to get any, so I settle for Cafe Bustelo!
  11. Starbucks Colombian when I'm home. When I'm out, usually a soy café mocha from Starbucks.
  12. Brought back some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from my trip to Jamaica (duh), and it is SO GOOD - I'm sorry I didn't buy more! But I assume you can buy them here in the states, too...
  13. At home: Nescafe Columbian instant coffee
    At Tim Horton's: Double Double or French Vanilla
    At Starbucks: Caramel Macchiatto or Vanilla Latte
  14. I drink the Starbucks from work or whatever is shoved under my nose. :yes:
  15. Black coffee (Starbucks) at the office for me.