What kind of cles do you have?

  1. I'm thinking of getting a cles in mini monogram. I'll be making a visit to a LV boutique tomorrow and ask a SA if they can find one in cherry. If not, what line/material do you recommend? Thanks!! :flowers:
  2. I think eluxury had cherry last night when I was looking. I'm waiting for the Groom cles. :flowers:
  3. here are mine, I have a blue mono mini, I love it! good luck!
  4. I've got three Cles: Red Vernis, orange Perforated, and taupe Charms. There are a few more that I want.
  5. me damier! :supacool:
  6. Germanium Suhali for me!
  7. for me Black MC and White Berlingot MC:yahoo: i love both..
  8. I just got the green Perfo and LOVE it. Green is my favorite color.
  9. White MC
  10. How do you like that suhali cles, I'm sooo back and forth with suhali....I pretty much talked myself out of it, but I do still kinda like the white suhali cles......
  11. White MC and monogram !

    It depends on how much you think you'd be knocking it around. I've never had any problems with my monogram one, it's so durable - it's basically travelled Europe in the pocket of my jeans !
  12. I currently love the charms cles'! I have both the taupe and fuchsia :smile: They're so roomy and fit much more than some of the other cles.
  13. Hmm..I prefer the Cerises one right now. I go through phases and can put a lot of cards in it which I LOVE.
    The lines I have are: Monogram, Damier, Vernis (marshmallow), MC (white) and Cerises (both Round and regular Cles).
  14. I have the Panda, The mini Speedy, The coins purse perfo in orange

  15. I LOVE my Perfo cles, it's longer than a regular cles and the chain is longer too! and of course the Colors...