what kind of chloe bag is this?

  1. I got this bag, and I know its a version of the bay bag but not sure the name. anyone know? Im going to be listing it on eBay so i want to get the name right. I bought it for dirt cheap but at a major canadian retail store so Im pretty sure it's authentic but if anyone can authenticate it for me that would be great!
    Copy of button.JPG Copy of front.JPG Copy of inner zipper tassel.JPG Copy of number.JPG Copy of inside.JPG
  2. here are more pix
    Copy of shoulder strap.JPG Copy of strap.JPG Copy of tassel.JPG Copy of zipper pull.JPG
  3. you can have it authenticated here:


    I'm not really familiar with the bay 'styles' but Chloe is notorious for not really having specific names for their bags within a family (paddy, bay, quilted bay, heloise, silverado, edith, etc.). Frequently it is just a matter of size (large) or style of bag (satchel, messenger, tote, etc.).

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.
  4. Does anyone know the year this bag was made? Someone on my eBay listing is asking me and I'm not sure the year...
  5. I believe it's a chloe bay double pocket purse
  6. anyone know the year?
  7. you can check the serial tag in the inside pocket (?)