What kind of chanel is this?

  1. i was wondering if you guys can tell me what kind of chanel is this? how many sizes does it come in? i love the outfit and would love to know what is the name of this bag and if any1 has it? if so how u like it and what dimension do u think this one in the pix is?
  2. it's just been clearanced so you may find it on sale still.
    It doesn't have a name so much as a description, it's just called Bowler. It's in caviar and there's a few recent threads of it, maybe in teh Shopping Forum.
  3. where can i find it on sale? i want it..and thanks for the info!
  4. am i doing my posts wrong? 42 people have looked at my message but not one response. i was asking for assistance on identifying my Chanel Eiffel Tower purse, I tried to post px but cannot make them small enough... i really thought I could get some guidance on this site. This is not a scam, i got a Chanel purse, and 2 Chanel wallet sets as gifts from a wealthy aunt and just need to see about selling them. any help??
  5. just "bump" your thread please. The people who read it obviously can't help you, we have tens of thousands of members, but not all them know about past Chanel lines.
    Just go back to your thread and post a reply so it bumps back up, it may have been posted when not so many people were here.
    Let's get this thread back on topic though please.

    pwecious, check the Chanel Shopping Forum:yes:
  6. I think you should try calling Saks 5th. I have seen them during Saks sale in Beverly Hill. But that was at least a month ago. But just call Saks and have them do a search. good luck.
  7. thanks. i hate to go to eBay bc not sure if it's authentic..but thank you. i'll try saks tomorrow. thanks again
  8. He's a serious seller of authentic itmes, I would not had sent you the link IF I thought otherwise. Good luck on your search!:smile: