what kind of cellphone pkg/plan do you have? and how much are you paying? i've just

  1. renego'd my plan, and just wanted to have some comparisons...oh, don't forget to include what country you're at.
  2. I live in Oregon, and I use T-Mobile. DH and I have a shared plan and our minutes are 500 anytime with unlimited nights and weekends for 59.99 a month, and then we have an unlimited text/pic messaging plan for both phones. It's not a bad deal, and they have great customer service at the stores.
  3. I'm in the US and have Verizon. I think 900 minutes a month w/ the unlimited nights/we and the mobile to mobile- and I believe the bill is around 70 bucks or so- I expense it at work. I do not have unlimited text or picture messaging though, b/c I don't use those features.
  4. I'm in NY - have T-Mobile- a 3 phone family plan for $69.99
    Service SUCKS. T-Mobile does not wok from my office ( everything else works) Anyone w/ TMobile in NY, Ct, NJ complains about all the areas lcking service.
    My contract is up Dec 28th - I can not wait. I know Sprint does not wok from my apt. I want Verizon or AT&T, have not decided yet. I love the Verizon Venus but AT+T is mre reasonably priced for family plans.
  5. I'm with AT&T which WAS Cingular and now is AT&T again.
    I think I pay like $89 (?) I'm not sure - we have 3 lines for the family.
    I just renewed my contract and bought a really cool LG Shine. I love it. I was really unsure about the phone because I'm not a big phone buyer. It's been like 3 years and it was truly breaking down on me. So I did like 2 months worth of research and almost for the RAZR v3 but decided on the Shine. It's hard because certain companies don't carry all the phones. Like Verizon has the Voyager which is supposed to be cool. But I'm happy. I'd better be. I signed another 2 year contract. But who cares, right?:shrugs:
  6. 6000 minutes....5 lines....2 with unlimited data...1 mobile card....TO FREAKIN' MUCH.

    Although AT&T was nice enough to waive all of my activation fees when I upgraded our phones.
  7. my sis and i have been sharing a really old plan... it doesn't even exist anymore, so we never bothered to upgrade or anything because it currently fulfills our needs at the moment. we have t-mobile, share 500 anytime min. and unlimited nights/weekends. the thing is, almost everyone we know here also has t-mobile, and the minutes are free when we call or they call us.

    the basic plan is $49.99... but this year, we both added txt messaging (400 messages per month $4.99) for each of our lines... and then recently added another line for my Dad ($9.99)~ he never really uses it, but wanted one for emergencies while on the road and away from home... so we pay about $80 total, including tax/surcharges. we've never had any problems with t-mobile... been with them for almost 5 years now, i think...
  8. AT&T family plan with 2 lines. 700 shared anytime minutes with free nights and weekends. 1000 texts and unlimited data on my line. It's right at 100 a month with taxes and fees.
  9. my plan is $38 unlimited with ATT.

    ps unlimited minutes

    text extra but I don't normally text. I'm a loser.
  10. I am currently with Sprint and I pay $40 for 500 minutes between 2 lines, unlimited mobile to mobile, unlimited nights/weekends, $15 for unlimited data for one line, $5 for 400? txt messages for one line, $7? for equipment protection. It is a great deal but I am about to cancel because I HATE their customer service over the phone. My next provider will be TMobile.
  11. I guess that I'm spoiled. My plan is free in a way, My brother's a manager for AT&T and put my mom (Only uses it to call me mainly b/c she can't remember my cell #), grandma (Barely knows how to use her phone, but has it just in case something happens) and I on a plan. (I mainly use all the minutes)

    I think he only pays like $30 a month for us. Unlimited nights and weekends, mobile to mobile, rollover minutes, unlimited Data, and text messages. (Don't know how much though, but at least 300) We've had this plan for like 6 years. Only thing that sucks is I have to wait for forever and a day for a new phone from him (but I don't complain b/c it's always free!)
  12. I have t-mobile. My plan is 5,000 minutes with unlimited weekends. I added 1,000 messages, unlimited t-mobile to t-mobile, I have an internet package and equipment protection as well. It's about $200 a month! I Obviously use my cell A TON! LOL
  13. US, Verizon, 900 anytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited txt/pix messages, unlimited data usage, it's around 99 bucks. My most expensive bill, after rent. :lol:
  14. Nobody with Us Cellular?? I have US Cellular, 2 lines 1000 minutes, free nights, weekends, mobile to mobile, and 250 texts on my line for a total of 95-100 a month. I have used Us Cellular for years and have LOVED the customer service.. AMAZING service I would recommend to anyone.
  15. My plan is the sh!ttiest plan on the planet. I'm with Rogers.

    I have a family plan with my mom and together we SHARE 100 minutes (a month). Only weekends are free from Friday 9pm to Monday 7am. This crap costs about $80 each month. I added a small package to mine. For 10 extra dollars I get 75 'free' outgoing text messages, caller ID, and voicemail.

    Thankfully, this plan has about another year to run it's course. The a$$hole sales agent exaggerated everything he could about this plan, so we thought it was a decent/sufficient one for our lifestyles. When the plan had taken effect, we realized he was just doing anything possible to make a sale. My mom was kinda stingy and did not want to pay so much for phone service, and I just wanted the new Motorola razor at the time. I still kick myself in the a$$ today. I wanted to change the plan. But then of course, the contract would renew itself for an additional 3 year term. I am most likely going to switch to Fido once I'm out of this nightmare.