what kind of car does a MJ girl drive?

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  1. i drive a black 2006 toyota scion xb aka my little box on wheels! :biggrin:
  2. Me - a white 2005 Lexus RX330.
  3. 07 atomic blue civic ex
  4. 2007 white Mercedes Benz C230
  5. A Jeep!
  6. Atlantic blue Dodge Ram 1500 XLT

    Edit:tuff cookie, my fiance has a Scion xB...we call it The Box, too!
  7. 911 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet....black! (That's when it's not raining or I'm not going to have to park at Walmart.) When it's raining or when parking in bad places...a Honda CRV
  8. just the subway:p
  9. 2007 Silver Toyota Camry XLE
  10. nice, a fellow box owner! hah. i love my car, shes so cute. i even have hello kitty floor mats :wlae: and of course, my marc jacobs bag always rides shot gun!
  11. Subaru Legacy
  12. Navy Infiniti Qx4 and my bike- a white Specialized hybrid. Maybe I'll get a bike basket and take my bag for a spin sometime!
  13. Red Mercedes c230
  14. acura tsx 2006 - graphite
  15. << If its nice out...a 1975 corvette (also my avatar)