What kind of car do you drive?


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
along with purses, cars are another love of mine. so what does everyone here drive? i'm always so curious about people and their cars.

i have a 2004 Toyota 4Runner V8. my coworkers call it my Tank, but it's my baby and i loooooove it. i test drove a lot of cars, and i can't think of another car i'd trade it for.


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Heres mine :biggrin: About time to get a new one, but I don't know if I'm moving for law school yet. This car has been extremely good to me though, so I'm hoping that I can keep her for another few years.


btw don't mind the setting, I took it when I picked it up from Acura after an oil change and detail :lol:
Funny...I thought of purses when I entered lol. I drive a Mazda 3, Mistubishi Galant, or a Nissan Xterra...no pics haven't gotten that down yet. I find it hard to pick new cars I think about others banging my doors and begin to freak out before the car is even on the road. Yours is cute!
None as I don't even have a driving license. I have to rely on my husband, subway or really nice friends:embarasse But honestly I am a bit scared to take a driving license..to many wackos on the road:unsure:
uafly1 said:
I drive a 05 VW Touareg. I had to trade in my Volvo C70 earlier this year for it. Like the VW but loved my Volvo

Wow, you had a c70 ?! I rarely see them around here, and if they're anything like my car, they must be so fun to drive around. Was it a hard top ?

And I've got.. 1997 Volvo 850 GLT. It's not the newest car in the world, but I love it to death. :love:
i was gonna get a red BMW 3 series when i graduated from law school in 2 years but after seeing how accidents friends/family have gotten into lately i don't think so....i think i'm too afraid to drive-way too jumpy :sad2:
I have a black 2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition. I loved it until finding out it's the worst car for global warming. :sad2: May trade for a Range Rover Sport new year though! *crossing my fingers*