What kind of car do LV owners drive?

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  1. I'll start I drive a 2006 Bmw 330i

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  2. Cadi Escalade 07 black on black
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  3. Ole 2004 X3
  4. Mazda 3 hatchback.
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  5. I don't have a car... but I get chauffeured by my friends LOL!
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  6. Ford Tempo 1994. Observe cleverly placed kids to hide dents on passenger side.

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  7. Bmw X3
  8. LMAO Merika, that made me smile.

    I don't drive, so nothing for me. XD
  9. A Mazda Winnibego (a huge campervan) and a Yamaha DT175

    Ooooh! And a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
  10. Hmmm, cars are VERY expensive in Singapore..
    I think our cars are one of the most expensive in the world..

    I cant drive. I get chauffeured by my husband.

    :sad: A Toyota Collora will costs USD47,000 in Singapore. That's what my husband is driving. Sometimes, I wish I'm living in USA... so that I can be driving my favourite beetle!
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  11. An ugly old Chevy Prism!! haha
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  13. 2005 Mercury Sable
  14. Audi A4!
  15. hmmm... speaking of transporters lol, I want a motorcycle.....:nuts:
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