what kind of boot will you be wearing this winter

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]post your boots or shoes you will be wearing this winter theese are a few i will be wearing
  2. I just bought a leopard print boots by Via Spiga and a red patent 4" high heels boots by Guess. I will post pics tomorrow.
  3. I don't have pictures of them.

    I haven't bought any boots this season yet but I probably will....

    Right now all I have in my current closet are:
    knee length brown Gucci stacked heel riding boots
    knee length black Ferragamo flat riding boots
    knee length gold Gucci 2" heel boots (from fall 2000)
    knee length Nova Check knit Burberry kitten heel boots
    over the knee black roundtoe Delman boots
    over the knee (or can be worn scrunched down) gray Gucci velvet stiletto boots (from the fall 1999 ad campaign and runway)
    over the knee (or can be worn scrunched down) bronzey-green Gucci python boots
    a bit higher than ankle length black Dolce & Gabbana stiletto boots with a gold heel and gold toe

    considering also bringing over my knee length black Dior boots with long fur trim on top -- I think it would look terrific with a Yves Saint Laurent "puffy" sleeve Russian coat from last year....
  4. 1. LFA Nomads.
    2. LFA Tibetans.
    3. Chloe Boots.


    ETA: The Chloe boots are really this much bigger, LOL, I bought them as a second home! :roflmfao:
  5. I've been a busy, busy girl this season. These are the brown boots I collected so far.





    Sam Edelman
  6. I just got these We Who See boots from Urban Outfitters
  7. Here's mine - they're Diagi's
    Andreas new boots.jpg
  8. [​IMG]
    Via Spiga...not really a boot but a good pump...

    more Via Spiga...
  9. Chloehandbags I love your Chloe boots!!! That's exactly what I'm looking for, except a much cheaper version! lol I'm still searching.
  10. I'll be wearing my Uggs again. Too cold and snowy here in the winter for anything else (except ski boots:biggrin:).
  11. i posted another thread asking this, but didn't get any responses...i need a good flat boot. preferably mid-calf, fairly casual. it would be to walk around campus in. any suggestions?
  12. Maybe look at riding boots. A lot of the designers are making them this year ... though midcalf is difficult....