What kind of Birkin is this?

  1. I know it is ostrich...but beyond that? I am so in love though:love:
    6.0610116.jpeg 6.0620010.jpeg
  2. it's a fucsha ostrich HAC (looks like one, no?).
  3. What show is that? Is that a Gilmore Girl?
  4. yep
  5. I hate to sound stupid, but HAC? What size do you think?
  6. Probably 28 since she's tiny? Could be 32 but I'm not good at differentiating since it's only a few centimeters...
  7. That's about, what, $15-20 grand US? I'm not good with exotics...
  8. I just read on TV.com that the show paid $14,600.
  9. I love this show :smile:

    "Rory: Logan's very nice, he bought me this terrific gift just completely out of the blue.
    Emily: Is that so?
    Rory: Totally unexpected. It's called a Birkin bag.
    Emily: A Birkin bag? Oh my God. A Birkin bag?
    Rory: You've heard of it?
    Emily: Of course! That's a very nice purse.
    Rory: Oh, maybe I shouldn't use it.
    Emily: Oh no, a Birkin bag is meant to be used. And seen.
    Rory: I had no idea.
    Emily: Well, well, well, a Birkin bag. A Birkin bag, a Birkin bag for Rory.
    Rory: Grandma..
    Emily: I'm just saying. I mean Richard never bought me a Birkin bag. Oh, this is exciting!
    Rory: I guess it is!
    Emily: A Birkin bag! I'm gonna remember this day."

    courtesy TV.com
  10. A yummy bag!
  11. WOW! I stopped watching that show as it's been treated horribly here in Aus, what with funny time slots and on-again, off-again type programming. I need to find out if we're ever getting this show back, if just for the darn bag sightings! Already I'm waiting for Grey's Anatomy to start their new (to Aus) season here. I'm gonna tape the 1st episode.
  12. that's the same bag that Pazt has!!!! YUMMMMMMY!!!
  13. ^^Ooh. I'll have to go drool over hers.
  14. Wow! Very pretty!!! I wonder who gets to keep it? LOL!
  15. can't you watch the grey's episodes on the internet?