Travel What kind of binoculars do bring to travel?

Oct 17, 2006
Thank you, RickMartin, for sharing.
I need a pair of light weight, waterproof binoculars for bird watching tours, wild life watching on cruise ships, and nature tours. The Nikon 7239 you mentioned has excellent price and Field of View. It is indeed ideal to bring to a large cruise ship for viewing from onboard. However, it may be a bit too large and too heavy for me, because I need to travel light where I go. There is a luggage weight limit for both La Galapadgos and Antarctica. For touring High altitude Machu Picchu, I shall have a hard time trying to breathe carrying trekking poles and essential water bottle, leaving very little extra weight/space for other less essential items.
My husband who likes to take photos, thinks that his camera plus a zoom lense/scope should be sufficient. I, on the other hand, prefer to enjoy seeing things rather than taking photos. Think I may need a pair of good binoculars. Wonder how often people use binoculars and what types?


Aug 15, 2014
I used bushnell 10x50 for ornithological field work.
Still do occasionally.
They survive stuff. And wet.
Good field of view.

Since then, travelled to see birds from US to NZ. With jaunts to Europe.
Never took binocs.
Saw new worlds of rare species anyway.

I am not a cruise person. Travel carry-on only, with weight restrictions.
My phone camera works fine.
Stretchy-fingers=image expands.
Can see details.

I chose to spend more time experiencing nature eyeball-to-eyeball.:pokey:
Rather than f***ing with gear. And being "that annoying fiddly-with-tech person" in queues or at sites.
No regrets.