What kind of bags did you use to collect? what was your LV turning point? stories??

  1. I used to collect Coach purses & accesories, i used to love love love them! I had ONE dooney & bourke bag (that didnt work out too well for me so i ended up selling it) and ONE dooney & bourke wallet. and juicy, well i still love juicy...
    One day i fell in love with the Mono Speedy 30 and that was it for me! i had to have MORE! In fact im planning to liquidate all my other purses to make way for a new collection!

    Whats your story?? :graucho:
  2. I had several dooney and coach purses. My parents would get one for me every year (I picked it out). Last year, my mom started talking about LV because that is all my aunt carries and it triggered a reaction...........
  3. Same here..started with Coach (I guess it is a gateway purse) and also would get one every year for Xmas from mom. Started to buy LVs then joined TPF and am now obsessed.

    My DH is going to either pull the plug on the interet or commit me really soon.
  4. I had a couple coach pieces, but I wouldn't consider it a collecting phase. I think LV was it. When I got my MC Pochette, I definitely wanted more!!!
  5. LV was my first love really in designer bags. Before that I had some Texier great leather bags but not hailed as "designer"
  6. hmmm...bags? I used to like Guess bags but I never really "collected" them... However pre-LV, I used to collect a LOT of LE makeup stuff lol
  7. I started with Fendi and Gucci!
  8. I started with Fendi...then Coach & Dooney & Gucci & Juicy....etc...
    I now :heart: LV the best:girlsigh: ....
  9. Coach purses was my first foray into collecting nice handbags. I didn't even think about handbags really and was content with cheap, but nice-looking, functional ones. When I got used to the $400 price tag of some of the Coach purses, I started looking at LV for some reason and became obsessed with the Multipli-Cite which at the time a year ago was $1,130.

    After going on LV and e-luxury websites and obsessing over the LV bag for a few weeks, my husband told me to go for it and so I did!! Funny thing --- I didn't start using the LV handbag until a couple of weeks later because I needed to get the matching wallet first. (I know, I'm crazy about matching my wallets to my bags!!) He couldn't understand this quirky trait of mine, but told me to get a wallet right away so I could use the bag, for goodness sakes. So I got the zippy organizer. LOL

    I was satisfied for about six months until I became obsessed with the denim line and then found tPF. Holy smokes! It was downhill from there! :p
  10. I started collecting Coach when dh bought me a duffel sac for my bday. After that I was hooked on Coach, and I would buy a new purse or accessory every month or so.

    One day I was shopping for my mom's bday. I knew she had a couple of LV accessories, so I decided to take a trip to the LV boutique in Chicago to pick out something for her. While I was browsing I absolutely fell in love with a mini mono cles, so I bought it on the spot. However, that was my only LV piece for a while because Coach was still my fave brand.

    Then, when I took a trip to Paris a few years later I visited the LV store while browsing along the Champs Elysees. When I stepped into the store I nearly swooned because everything was so beautiful. I decided to take the plunge and buy a handbag, which became my favorite souvenir from my Paris trip. One hour and nearly a grand later I fell in love with LV for good!

    And now tPF is starting to turn the love into an obsession!
  11. LV was my first... I didnt wear designer before that..
  12. When I was younger I would see the LV mono everywhere I went so I shyed away from it. Around where I live (mostly Asians you definitely will see a mono LV on 3 out of 10 women, reminds me of Japan) My bf gave me a LE Coach and I loved it..I'd sell it if it weren't gifted..there's just too much Coach around and I think they've skimped on the quality over the last few years..but I still like it on my nieces in high school, I guess they are good starter bags for teens..I never liked Gucci and still haven't found one I want. Selling my Fendis on eBay..and I guess now my collection is left with my Burberrys and LVs (mono perfo, Epi and MC black and white). I have one Juicy blck Fluff that my mom gifted... I'm saving up next for a MC black speedy.
  13. I used to just buy whatever bag I felt was needed at the time, no name brands. But one day about 3.5 years ago, I walked into LV and spotted a Reade PM. My fiance bought it for and now I'm addicted. The only problem now is a couple of my fiances friends like to talk crap about me. They always talk about how spoiled I am. Oh well...thats for another time.
  14. I started with Prada and Fendi.

    To this day, I just like a variety. Louis Vuitton is a favorite, but I can't stand just having one brand around. I like mixing it up. Lately, I've actually been carrying a Muse a lot of the time or my mono Speedy.

  15. thats kinda like me........although, i did have 3 coach bags