What kind of bag is Jennifer Lopez carrying in this picture???

  1. I think the bag she is carrying is absolutely fabulous, but I have no idea who is the designer or what the bag is called. Any guesses? I'm dying to know! I've included a picture.
  2. me too? What is it?

    She looks great there.
  3. I wish I had a bigger picture to show everyone. It's on today's people.com under the "photos" category.
  4. That bag is HUGE :wtf:
  5. Oh! I just saw that picture today and I thought it was an Hermes Massai but those don't come in exotics, I believe. It's too big for it.
  6. ^ yeah i didn't know they came in exotics, its either a copy cat company or a SO that they let her have, though i don't see that happening as she doesn't seem like the big H spender that they would allows such changes?

    p.s. the croc looks very slouchy, almost leather with croc embossing
  7. Reminds me of be and d.
  8. It's hard to tell if it's real croc. The shoulder straps don't look very exotic. I thought the actual color of the bag was black, but the more I looked at it, I think it's a dark green.
  9. it's embossed patent croc, like what ysl is doing.
  10. I wish I knew who makes the bag but here are bigger pics of it:

    JLo.jpg JLo1.jpg
  11. Thank you for the pictures H_addict! Now I'm even more in love with it! I'm dying to know who the designer is! Someone please help me find out!:hysteric:
  12. ^I am looking too, its driving me crazy. I have seen those handles recently and I cant remember what I was looking at.
  13. That's what I was thinking!
  14. Love the bag...but i think i will have trouble looking for my keys in there...:amazed:
  15. Tell me about it. I have a smilar bag (in size) and it is a pain to find ANYTHING. The small items fall into the bottom of the bag, everything moves around and... sigh.

    As for the bag, I think it could be Gucci... maybe Chanel... girl doesn't discriminate so it could even be from a lesser know designer...