What Kind Of Back-Seat Driver Are You ?

  1. Fortunately my husband tells me all the time that i'm a good back seat driver, unfortunately for him he's terrible, he is so annoying and meddlesome.

    Are you a good or bad back seat driver ?

  2. I am one that is constantly saying "watch out" "becareful" "you dont have a stop sign - why are you stopping" "slow down"

    :P I am guessing that makes me a bad one! :lol:
  3. I'm a bad backseat driver! I'm always yellling " change lanes!", "make a right here", "speed up". It's gotten to the point that my now ex-boyfriend( :crybaby: ) had to pull over and made me to drive.
  4. I am a terrible back seat driver mainly because if I sit in the back seat I throw up.
  5. good one i guess, hardly say anything not even if we missed our exit.
  6. Depends...if the driver is driving well I'm pretty mellow. But if they're driving like a maniac I end up "braking" with my foot. After being in a couple pile-ups (none my fault) I do not follow too closely behind anyone. So if someone else does I freak out.
  7. I think I am a bad one!!! LOL!! I talk to much! I want the driver to listen to me!
  8. I drive PHH crazy when he drives,according to him..and yes..ITS DELIBERATE..LMAO...MU..HA...HA..hA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I am good back seat driver because I hate to drive!! So anyone driving is doing me a favor =)
  10. i'm sooooo bad....but i rarely side seat drive unless i'm asked to navigate. i can't tell my left from my right without thinking really hard about it and holding my hands up (the thumb and pointer of your left hand form and "L" when you look at them). so i say things like "turn that way here" or "you're going to turn towards the mall at the next light" when we're on the other side of town from the mall. drives hubby NUTS. i've taken to memorizing street names in parts of the city i find myself in frequently so at least i can give those to people. too bad all the parts of town i find myself in frequently are also near good shopping and people tend to tease me about that once they realize what i'm using for landmarks. heheh.
  11. My DH would love you LOL!! He hates it when I'm not driving. I do that thing with my foot(you know jamming on the invisible brake!) I see him snicker every single time :roflmfao:
  12. I'm the worst backseat driver. The line I give DH when he drives is "you're not the only one in the car you know...."
  13. I get very nervous when other people drive. I don't know if it's just me, but it always seems like everyone I drive with waits until the last minute to put their brakes on and it scares the crap out of me!
  14. i'm a horrible back-seat driver and i don't even drive :P......i'm one of those ppl who're always like WATCH OUT and making noises to startle the driver.....i need to learn to calm down :crybaby:
  15. Oh, I'm a terrible backseat drive. I was in a car accident a few years ago, and it's turned me into one of those people that slams down on a the pretend brake when others are driving. Then again my bf drives like a jack@$$ so I only feel it's half my fault. If he drove like a sane person, I wouldn't be as bad as I am!!