What kind of activities get your mind off a bad situation?

  1. So, I'm going through a really down period in life right now... and I just want some ideas on how to get myself back to feeling good.

    I have taken up running, but sometimes it doesn't get my mind off things... Any other suggestions?
  2. Do you belong to a gym? Maybe group classes? It's always great feeding off the energy of others. I enjoy spinning, pilates, and yoga.

    I hope things cheer up for you! :smile:
  3. Running, yoga, pilates and kick boxing! I don't kick box now but always have wanted to. I think it would be a great way to relieve stress. I’ve also heard it’s a great full body workout and also teaches you some defense moves if the situation ever came about where you needed to use them.
  4. I agree with exercise.

    What do you like to do? Play music, listen to music, paint, draw? Writing is great, too.

  5. I took up hockey a few years ago. Total random tangent for me and the best thing I ever did. I have to push myself mentally and physically. I'm not naturally athletic and I'm in my gear so if I fall it doesn't hurt (ice). Takes my mind completely off my problems as I have to focus on my game and my teammates...great exercise, great community!! I've actually improved quite a bit but even on my off nights I remember that bad hockey is better than NO hockey, LOL.

    Other than exercise I feel better when I've accomplished something whether that's repotting a few plants or cleaning out a closet.
  6. What I do is pretty ridiculous but I watch trashy reality shows. It's hilarious and makes you feel so grateful to be yourself lol.
  7. *driving your hot new car doesn't help?! ;)

    When I am sad, I love to go to the bookstore and spend a few hours reading, or go to the mall and shop. I also love to play with my dogs or ride my horse...being with my animals puts me in such a good mood :smile:
  8. For me, it's kick boxing.
  9. I was just about to post this! Kickboxing works wonders for me. It's a great way to get out aggression and emotion, and the energy of all the people around you is really uplifting and motivating!
  10. I play my favorite music. The different exercise suggestions are good too, because doesn't that get the good chemicals in the brain revved up?

    Hope things look better for you soon. I've been going thru a rough time myself and it takes so much out of a person. Best wishes.
  11. Kick boxing always leaves me in a good mood after class. My bodies sore but all that sweat and sore muscles reminds me that I did good, lol.
  12. Yoga.. yoga was the only thing that kept me sane during a really low point in my life this year.

    It's like this yogawear company in Canada says.. "move your body and your heart will follow".
  13. This is totally cliche, but I like taking walks by the beach. I live by the ocean and I find it really calming, even if I can't always forget about everything. Music helps too, as do funny movies or TV shows. I also write in a journal. Weirdly enough too, I find that becoming a workaholic helps distract me from my problems.
  14. Yoga!!!
  15. Yoga, shopping or getting a massage.