What kind of a colour was "pepper" from the Epi range?

  1. I saw someone on ebay selling a purse in the pepper epi range. the pics look as tho' the colour was light-greyish, but because of the lighting of the pics I couldn't be sure. :huh: I quite like the purse but would like to ask ppl who have the pepper range epi purses what the colour is like. Is it easy to match? do you have pics of your purses? Thanks! :smile:
  2. That's a good question. I have seen several pics of epi pepper and they are all different! I don't own any pepper epi but here's a pic I got on my poupette's website:

    I'm pretty sure it's a darker shade of grey. Hope you find a better answer!
  3. My friend has pepper epi bags and they are so pretty. I'll ask her to post pics for you.
  4. Thanks Bets....

    I love my pepper noe and elastique wallet. If you're into bright colors, pepper is not for you. It's a neutral grayish brown that goes with just about anything.

    Here's my noe. I don't have a pic of the wallet.

  5. oooo... that colour is TDF! too bad they don't make it now...or do they?
  6. Pepper has been discontinued. Good luck finding anything pepper, other than accessories. They're VERY hard to come by. (I purchased my sister's Pepper Noe from a board member on ALVA. It took me forever to find one.):yes:
  7. Pepper is discontinued along with all the other pretty epi colours. Pepper is so usable! More for accessories though.
  8. Authentic_lvlady had a minty mint Pepper Honfleur going for 280usd(??) recently.
  9. thanks everyone!
    timtimtim~ yes, was eyeing the honfleur! but someone else won the bid :sad:
  10. ooh too bad, it looked quite good! Did you message the seller? I know she is open to offers sometimes.
  11. Love The Pepper ~ It's Absolutely Gorgeous!

    Tpr Speedy ~ Love Your Noe...Such A Beautiful Piece! Thank You For Sharing!!!!
  12. timtimtim~ really? but someone else won the auction, i'll feel bad if i counter offer. it's ok :sad: just not meant to be!
  13. Oh no, I meant before anyone bid -

    I'm sure more will pop up! Just be patient!
  14. Eeast-madison has a cute Pepper Rochelle bag on ebay for $199.

    One of the things I like about pepper is the palladium hardware.