what keychain do you have? anything special?

  1. what keychain do you have? anything special?

    describe it!

    Pictures if you have any.
  2. I have 2! A beige inclusion key chain, and the pastilles (the one that looks like M&MS)
  3. I use a keychain that I bought for a dollar at Wal-Mart. It's my little fat angel.
  4. i have a cartoon angel from my aunt. my mom (my aunt's twin) died when i was little so its like having a little reminder of her with me, even tho that sounds corny :smile:
  5. I have a puffy green clover with Notre Dame on it :smile:
  6. A Coach keychain
  7. That is EXACTLY why I love wearing jewelry given to me by friends! :heart:

    Not corny at all - very real.
  8. I like buying keychains from the giftshops of museums I visit. I have ones from the Louvre, MOMA in NYC, Anthropology museum in Florence, Hermitage, etc.

    Most are gold-plated metal with a design from the museum.

    The MOMA one lets me remove any specific key easily, such as when I am giving my car key to a parking valet. That way the valet can't copy my house key. Being careful about theft prevention is SOOO New York and part of why I like the chain even though it is not as pretty as some of the others.

    I change them around when I want to remember a particular trip.
  9. I have a coach leather keyfob thingy and then a sandal with sand in it that my dad sent from Maryland that says "I'm crabby, don't bother me" :smile:
  10. I have a Coach pink heart key fob and a whistle on my key ring (in case of emergencies!)

  11. i have quite a few :shame: but then again i also have quite a few sets of keys :lol:

  12. I have a large clear puffy heart filled with clear liquid and two roses floating around inside - a large pink and a smaller blue. My mom bought it for me at 8 I believe and I treasure it.

    Also I have two little hoops and Yoyo keychains I picked up when I was with my dad in Dubai (we don't have hoops and yoyo at canadian hallmarks, odd) .. They remind me of the good times I spent there with dad in the summer.

    I had another one which was very special, but it kind of got involved in a tragic situation and fell into the wrong hands, pains me to think about it.
  13. One is an angel and the other is Hello Kitty.
  14. a pointe shoe and a MILLION friendship bracelets that i made
  15. A space camp keyring with my name on it from when my brother went there a couple of years ago. I also have a cool beaded thing from the European markets that my Mum bought me, and a silver heart from my Auntie.