What key pouch should i get?! Please help me!


Jun 1, 2010
I am in such a dilemma here! I am leaving for europe in five days and am undecided if I should make my purchase here or there.... I would love to get a new wallet and a key pouch. MY question to you all is whether or not I am really getting that "great" of a deal if I purchase my key holder in Europe. Of course it will be less than anything here but not by much considering there are other things I want to buy in Europe and I am still undecided if I should get a zippy coin purse or the elise wallet in Vernis while I am there since the price difference between those two is much more signifcant when comparing to the canadian pricing.

So anyhoo...which key pouch would you get?
MC, Vernis or the Monogram? I would also liek to fit my metropass and work badge in it ( i only use two keys) I am REALLY leaning towards the MC but I am not sure it will be big enough to hold all four items! As well, does anyone know if the key pouch in vernis will be coming out in rouge fauviste aug 1?

Thank you so much all!


May 12, 2010
I think a keypouch (the cles) would work for you. From what I've read here, it does hold several cards and you can also attach your keys or attach inside a bag. I love the vernis in pomme but I am not sure about the rouge, if it will be available but I don't see why it wouldn't be?