what key holder should I get??

  1. The mono one or the vernis framboise?? I have the vernis wallet in framboise and I dont know if its too matchy with the same key holder or should I get the mono one??? Thoughts....... thanks much!:smile:
  2. I'd get framboise:yes:
  3. vernis. so fun for bland keys. i have a glace and i love it!
  4. Vernis Framboise :smile:
  5. If you want the Framboise you'd better hurry up and get it quick!!!!!
  6. Definitely get Framboise first! You can always get Mono later!
  7. I would get the Framboise (such a beautiful color). I love matching accessories.
  8. ^^ITA! :yes:
  9. get the framboise -- it's discontinued and you can always get the mono later. And, don't worry, it is not too matchy.
  10. Definitely the Framboise :heart:! Do you like MC too? The new MC key holders are so cute, and will match your wallet without being too matchy-matchy (although I'm all about matching stuff)! Just another option :biggrin:!
  11. Framboise...I love the color!
  12. framboise or how about pomme
  13. Vernis!!!
  14. Framboise
  15. Framboise for sure. The mono will always be around, framboise won't.