what key chain do you have ...

  1. post pics if you can. Thanks
  2. Keyrings are one thing I really won't spend money on because they get wrecked. Only reason I would buy something expensive is to use it as a bag charm.

    My keyring is a big squishy Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas that I bought from the Disney store.

  3. I have the Coach signature "C" in silver b/c my name is Christina. I got this a long time ago before the initial craze that hit a few years ago.
  4. my key chain is the silver ring you slide the keys onto. like mooks said, they just get crusty looking, so I won't spend money on them.
  5. Mine is a LV Pomme vernis cles I got last valentines-it holds my house and office keys but more importantly it holds my drivers license and some dollars-love it!!!!!!!!:heart:
  6. [​IMG]

    Coach - a mere $38. So cute!
  7. Mine is an Eiffel Tower keychain that my friend got for me when she was in Paris :smile:
  8. Heres an online pic of mine. I only have three keys on it and my house key is covered by hello kitty. I think its so cute! :girlsigh:
  9. I have a speedpass for the gas station. It looks like this (it's only ~1" IRL):
    and this:
    And I have one car key. Very boring I know, but I'm not a fan of big/heavy keychains.

    I also have a different keychain that I carry with a house key, work key and spare car key. That one has a handmade pewter heart that my mom got for me-- it has sentimental meaning. I have a Prada keychain and a Coach one, but I don't use them...
  10. i have the Dior flight coin case. perfect for cash and ID when i go to clubs!
  11. Currently mine is a religious symbol...a 4-way metal. It is sort of special to me...
  12. My key chain is the one that came with my car from the dealer so it's an Accura remote.:p Those remotes are so bulky I hate to add anything else.
  13. I have the Coach skull and cross bones too!
  15. i have 2: one for my car key(fendi) and one for my house(juicy couture coin purse)