What keeps you motivated to lose weight?

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  1. Did a search and couldnt find this so my question is...what keeps you motivated? For me it's really shallow but it's the fact that when I weighed about 50 pounds less I always could get guys to stare at me, and now, not so much. That's my motivation...lol. I like the attention. (Oh and also, finding cuter clothes is one too!)
  2. I simply don't like to change a whole wardrobe to size up.
    I live to eat so I keep movin to maintain my weight.
  3. A flip through a Victoria's Secret catologue makes me want to lose those last 5 pounds.
  4. I want to stay looking good for my husband. I don't want to be in the category of getting married and then completely letting go of yourself because you already have someone. That doesn't make sense to me.
  5. Because I feel good, because I can easily put on a bathing suit at a gathering and not feel strange, because I don't have to worry about having a pair of "fat jeans", because I can walk through 3 airports in one day with a carryon, a laptop and a bag in 4 inch heels and not even feel it, because a week ago in San Francisco we had to take the stairs from floor 27 to the ground and I carried bags belonging to girls half my age because they were not able...should I go on? LOL
  6. ^^Those are some great reasons Irishgal!! :smile:
  7. Vanity, mostly. And, of course, I do feel much better when I am healthy, too. But ill-fitting clothing, tummy rolls, a less defined jawline and even foot flab in low-cut shoes are really the things that keep me motivated! Plus, I want to be a helthy example to my kids.
  8. Health reasons mostly. I was starting to feel uncomfortable. I couldn't lay on my side without feeling like I had fifty million folds on the side. Due to having gestational diabetes with my girls, I have a higher chance of having diabetes later. Being overweight just increase the chance even higher. I had my girls later in life and want to be around when they get older.
  9. The fact that the obese men and women in my family (dad's side) have died in their fifties from diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer, and or kidney disease motivates me to stay fit. I have my dad's family's health traits so I don't want to carry around too much weight.
  10. what keeps me motivated to lose weight (including maintaining it):
    1. my roberto cavalli and dolce gabbana dress
    2. my branded size 26 jeans
    3. my goal to have a muscular arms and flat tummy
  11. * I want to have more energy and not feel winded so easily.
    * I don't want to feel like people are thinking, "ugh, she's fat" whenever I walk into a room.
    * I want to buy new, smaller clothes (and look good in them!).
    * I like watching the numbers go down on the scale.
    * I want to have more confidence.
    * I want to be healthier.
    * I'm pretty sure I'll be getting married in the near future, and I want to look good! Same with having a baby, I don't want to be overweight and then pregnant on top of it.
    * I absolutely HATE eating in front of people, and I think that would change if I didn't feel so fat and self-conscious about it.
    * I don't want to be the fat relative/friend.
    * The newest motivation: my boyfriend just started working with an attractive woman! :tdown: :lol:

    There's more, of course, but that's some of the list of reasons why I want to lose weight, and remembering these things motivates me. Of course, it all goes out the window when I'm feeling depressed and there's chocolate cake nearby, haha.
  12. Because I want to be a confident hot momma who still turn heads :biggrin:
  13. I don't need to lose weight, my motivation for working out is how great it makes my mind, body and soul feel.
  14. Well right now... getting married August 25th and having to look back at the wedding photos the rest of my life. Also we are getting married in Kauai and staying there for a week so that means I will be in a bikini practically the whole trip. Yikes!

    For the long run; just being happy with my body and being active. My fiancés father was in a motorcycle accident earlier this year. It would have been fatal and it is seriously a miracle it wasn’t. The doctors told us the only reason he made it was because he is an extremely active man. He rides his mountain bike daily and being so in shape for his age actually saved his life.
  15. Excellent motivations girls!!