What KEEPALL to get??????!!!!!

  1. What size keepall is your favorite?? I"m thinking about getting the 55. This would be for travel and anywhere else I want to drag it along!! Let me know your opinion
  2. :smile: Hello~ I discussed this at the LV store and the SA stated that the 55 is now becomming increasingly harder to be able to be on the airplanes. She stated the only 2 sure sizes are 50 and 45. Just a FYI~ I bought the 45- a little small so my vote is 50!:flowers:
  3. I think 50 or 55.:yes: :yes:
  4. Thanks!!
  5. :drool: Keepall 55 in Epi is TDF!!!:drool:
  6. I love my Mono 50, goes with me everywhere, and when packed just right, it fits a week worth of clothing for me.
  7. how cheap can you get an lv used 50? i want one but cant afford it!
  8. That will depend on the condition of the bag. I almost purchased a 50. It was a year old, but its owner had spilled hairspray. She wanted 600 and that was over the summer. I have seen some go as low 350. The girl needed money (t was a gift. Wow)
  9. Damier 50 all the way! :biggrin:
  10. I just bought a Mono 50 on ebay for $599!!
  11. How about a Damier Azur Keepall 50 with strap?? Beautiful!!
  12. That doesn't exist:
    azur (3).jpg
  13. Damier 55 with strap!!!
  14. damier keepall 55 with strap. i have one and had no problems with it as a carry-on.
  15. By the end of next year march I will have:

    the tobago keepall 50 in blue (this I should be getting soon in the next few weeks)
    the ouvea keepall 50 (soon as well, there are thankfully a few left)
    epi keepall 55 in black
    damier keepall 55 bandouliere
    mono keepall 60

    the last three I know I will get b/w jan and march, they are all beautiful but permanent so I dont wanna miss the other two, if u can afford the 2k price I say the tobago is gorgeous, otherwise in terms of hardyness I say the epi or damier, mono is a pain but I must have it as it is a classic!