What just happened???

  1. Just a second ago, i couldn't get on tPF :crybaby: It said i had to download zend optimizer?

    Is this a new thing or what???? Just checking!
  2. I know...that just happened to me to.
  3. That happened to me too!!!
  4. Thank goodness I was not the only one! I was thinking my laptop had some virus or something! lol!
  5. Sounds like Vlad is up to mischief !!! :upsidedown:
  6. I am working on some server upgrades at the moment, the ride may be bumpy. No need to install anything on your end.
  7. phew..got scared i wouldn't get my dose of tpf :smile:
  8. Oh,wow...i signed up for that website because they required to enter the PF...:sad:
  9. :Push: me too:Push:
  10. i thought I downloaded a virus...I was like "DamMIT 39*()*($#*)(%*#(*....wHew!
  11. OMG LOL I tried to install it! LOL
  12. :devil::devil::devil: Vlad you devil...

    I was freaking out that something happened to my new computer-
  13. I was just going to email you! Scary business :confused1:. I ask my husband whether I should do anything and he said NO! Luckily the website came back.
    Thanks for the update Vlad.
  14. Ooooh okay, I see. :yes:
  15. Happened to me too!
    I think I emailed you Vlad, you can ignore that.
    For a minute there, I thought I was going to have to be PRODUCTIVE tonight! oh the horror!