what job suits quiet people

  1. Definitely accounting, a CPA, they're pretty quiet!
  2. Have you considered working from home? You can work pretty quietly and independently from home without having too much to do with the outside world. Some home-based options you can consider are writing, graphic design, medical transcription jobs, medical coding, etc.

    However, working in an office environment is also a great way to break out of your shell and step out of your comfort zone. It will help you open up, make friends, and generally boost your confidence. It’s up to you to decide what works best for you!
  3. ITA with this. I'm also a quiet person. I prefer to listen. I've had people tell me this would be a hindrance to doing well at my job, but I find that it's an asset. After being in the field for a while, I've learned to open up more and be assertive, but I'm still more quiet than others.
  4. first thing that came to my mind was librarian. LOL
  5. I agree with the librarian comment though it's rather stereotype. I'm quiet myself and find myself preferring more and more to work from home than to be in the office. That said, maybe bookstore owner, museum administrator or a job on research may appeal.
  6. Some day spa services. Massage therapists, esthetician (doing facials). I know I hate to chat during either of these services.
  7. Work in the morgue perhaps ??
  8. How about a library? My brother is super shy and loves being a librarian! Plus he gets to check out tons of books at his leisure!
  9. It seems a lot of people are suggesting librarian (not just you specifically coconuts!) because a library is supposed to be quiet, but having worked in a library I would disagree that this job suits quiet people. Your job is specifically to help people, meaning you have to ask lots of questions to find out exactly what they're looking for, look up books or articles for them, help them figure out the printer/copier/filing system, answer all sorts of odd questions not relating to a library, and often walk with people over to the correct section. On the flip side, you may occasionally have to be confrontational if people are being disruptive or abusing library services. Lots of talking and being personable involved. The only aspect I could think of where you may get to be an introvert would be the actual book ordering.

    I think working from home would be a great idea, but depending on the field there may be heavy phone-talking involved.