What job did you have while going to school?

  1. I am changing schools next year and will be taking 'part-time' but in full time. I still intend to work full time because I still really want to keep getting that experience. And taking courses at nights. Just interested to see what kind of jobs everyone has had while going to school :p

    I'm mentally preparing myself for over-exhaustion.
  2. I was at my current job while I did my Master's (graduated last month!). I work in the field of immigration law.

    It's a challenge to do both full time, but I think if you're prepared for it, it's easily done. I feel like that since you know you don't have a lot of free time, you take advantage of getting as much work done as possible when you can rather than slacking off and waiting until last minute (aka how I basically spent my 4 years of college).
  3. ^ That's also a reason why I am sticking with my job. :p It not only gives me good experience but it can really structure my schedule. I don't expect to have too much of a life for the next three years, but I know it'll be worth doing.
  4. undergrad: babysat, worked at the library, waitressed at a diner

    grad: teacher, worked at a pottery shop

    i went to both undergrad and grad school full time; i barely had time to breathe during grad school, but i would not change a thing. except for the boyfriend i had. i'd get rid of him.
  5. worked at a jeans store while getting my BA.
  6. except for the boyfriend! hahahaha awwww
  7. I've had a few... worked in childcare at several schools, also worked as a full-time waitress at community college, at UC I'm a Residential Assistant and I also used to work at the dining hall.
  8. I tutored math and worked for intramural sports while in college, and was a research assistant during law school. Nothing too exciting, but that all beat out a summer job of making packets, i.e. grab one from each pile, shove into envelope, repeat.
  9. I worked at Macys since they were very accommodating with my school schedule.
  10. When I was in high school, I bussed tables (and did other assorted things) at a restaurant, but only for a little while. Then I worked at a horse farm.

    I'm currently in college, and I've been working in the campus apartments, cleaning, etc. during the school year, and then painting them in the summer.
  11. I only worked in the summer during my first 3 years in college: i was a reception, temporary operator.

    Last year of college i was a part time file clerk at my current company.
  12. i intern during summers and work as a research assistant during the school year.
  13. I worked retail for the first two years, and the last two I did internships related to my major.
  14. i teached drawings for kids under 10 yrs old and english. (i'm from a non english speaking country) but the funny thing, the kid's father is australian. but the kid spent more time with the nanny and maid so i was there everyday so he can speak english to me when his parent's out working. such a fun job, we just read books, watch cartoons and talk about his day in school LOL
  15. I worked at the sports authority, interned, pottery barn.