What jewelry with this dress?

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    This is the gown I'll be wearing to my son's wedding this July; it's not yet properly fitted to me but the sleeves will be almost off the shoulders and my hair up as shown. I can't decide if I should wear blingy large chandelier type earrings with a small delicate necklace, or a more blingy statement type necklace and smaller earrings. Would a simple crystal pendent look good? Length? There are so many choices and combos out there that I'm getting confused! Suggestions please!p
  2. Blingy necklace and smaller earrings :smile:
    Do you have pics?
  3. I would wear smaller earrings and a drop pendant in a pear shape in a coral or pink.
  4. Pale pink does look pretty with the smokey grey; so you think I should stay away from the rhinestone/ crystal / cubic zirconia look?
  5. bling necklace and no other
  6. For those who say " blingy necklace", is something like this too much?
  7. I say smaller earrings & a stunning statement necklace....something in the Edwardian style, perhaps.
    Love your dress by the way.
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    Thank you☺️

    ? Something like this
  9. And I thought big earrings and very simple necklace. Guess I'm in the minority.
  10. You're not alone, everyone who's seen it in person says that.
  11. Your dress is beautiful and I think very lovely to wear your hair up. When I see the movie award shows ( oscars, golden globes, etc), seems like most celebrities wear stunning statement earrings and bare necklines. That is my preference. But I'm sure whatever you decide will look great!

  12. Love this look!
  13. Long earrings and a delicate bracelet....no necklace, or just a dbty.
    Your dress is beautiful.
  14. I thought statement earrings and no necklace! Simple necklace like a single teeny sparkly diamond would work, too. Her collarbones are to die for, less is definitely more.
  15. Statement earrings and bracelet, no necklace!