What jewelry piece is next on your list? And next? And next? And next? And next?

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  1. Now you know you have to post some pics! :graucho:
  2. This year--- VCA butterfly ring in yg, small Dbty style pendant, yg diamond eternity ring or two, get my wg diamond bracelet reset into yg

    Next year --- YG diamond bangle, solitaire diamond pendant

    Whenever the opportunity arises --- Rolex daytona, 10 and 20 motif VCA Mop alhambra, maybe small frivole studs , Magic Alhambra earrings. Yg hoop earrings,and chain link bracelet.

  3. Hihi. Will post pics soon!!!:P
  4. Cartier Santos Galbee two tone in the small size
    Cartier Tank Francaise SS small size
    Tahitian pearl stud earrings
    pave diamond earrings in a heart shape
  5. I'm in the process of my first VCA 5 motif MOP... next I am going to try to scour down this 4k diamond pendant from Tiffanys that was discontinued last year... then I would love a 10 motif MOP necklace, 5 motif YGYG necklace, and a cartier love! Also a bunch of hermes bangles!!!! And a yellow diamond right hand ring! Damnn I'm going to be in the poor house.
  6. Either a DBTY or CBTY 18" necklace from Tiffany.
  7. Still the same, but right now I'm working on a Daytona :love:
  8. Tank Solo small
  9. To update this, I have acquired my VCA MOP bracelet AND the Tiffany diamond pendant. I want a couple of perlee rings to stack with a Tiffany swing ring, love bangle, cartier tank or bb, another VCA bracelet, a 10 motif mop necklace and a pink gold one!
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    three band white gold Bulgari bzero ring
    SS Cartier tank anglaise or franciase
    something from VCA
    Garavelli diamond pave bangle
  11. David Yurman cable watch
    Strand of pearls
    Pearl studs
  12. Mine has changed a tad,

    Tiffany & Co Enchant butterfly key in platinum & rose gold with white & pink diamonds

    Tiffany & Co Soleste wedding band in platinum & rose gold with white & pink diamonds

    Tiffany & Co platinum & diamond Bow earrings

    Tiffany & Co LOVE ring by Paloma Picasso in 18k rose gold & diamonds

    Good thing I have an up coming Bday! :graucho:
  13. I would love to have the following :

    -IWC pilot watch
    -Tiffany Filigree choker necklace
    -Long multigem by the yard necklace