What jewelry piece is next on your list? And next? And next? And next? And next?

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  1. :lolots: i'll try to make it as quick as possible!!!
  2. haha I am...and I love it :lol:
  3. Yes! And after this I am seriously banned :P
  4. That is a beautiful bracelet. I'm not buying any jewelry right now but if I planned to buy anything, it would be the tiffany bow ring.
  5. The only thing that is really left on my list for "Needs" (Husband may disagree on that front) are some beautiful, big, round brilliant diamond studs.

    I have some every day ones, but I want something really spectacular.

    Perhaps after the birth of our first child?
  6. Sounds gorgeous!! :drool: And yes, I'd call them a 'need' item...wouldn't everyone?? :P
  7. VCA single motif large clover ring - I want an amazing ring for my right hand for special occasions.

    perhaps something from pomellato

    and I would love to get my DD something from VCA when she is a bit older (only turning 4 right now)
  8. Cartier love bracelet

  9. It's grown again!

    I still want 1 & 2 but I'd like to add

    3) Vintage Alhambra VCA clips in carnealian and YG.

    4) Gold bangle bracelet

    5) Cartier trinity bangle

    That's it--for now. :-p
  10. .. Cartier love bangle...!
  11. VCA Lotus ring or Socrate small dome ring :love:
  12. this ring!!!

    Attached Files:

  13. My Cartier RG Love cuff will be shipped out today!! I should have it by the end of the week. I can't wait! That's one item off my list. :smile:

    - Rose gold Tiffany DBTY bracelet. Maybe the 3 stone one?
    - Rose gold Tiffany Knot key pendant (formerly called Octet) if it ever comes out of backorder status
    - For the FAR future, a Rolex?
  14. Got it!!!

    I have my handmade WG and tourmaline ring
    AND 4 handmade stacking rings with:
    - a spinel (the stone was part of an old ring I received from my aunt: the stone was a bit damaged so it needed to be polished again)
    - an old miners cut diamond (from my first diamond ring that I bought for myself long ago)
    - a light pink tourmaline
    - a bright green stone (sorry, forgot the name of the stone)
    Also, a bright orange stacking ring with fire opal is on its way.

    After this, I am on a serious ban.:graucho:
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