What jewelry piece is next on your list? And next? And next? And next? And next?

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  1. My first Cartier, a rose gold Love cuff, is on its way. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Next is a rose gold wedding band with diamonds for myself, and also a wedding band for my fiancé.

    After that... I really want that Tiffany rose gold Octet key, if it would ever come back in stock!!

    I am also really tempted by a rose gold Michael Kors watch, but I really don't need it...

    Rose gold addict. :P
  2. Chunky YG gold charm bracelet to be worn w/o charms (probably Tiffany's)
    Cartier Trinity ring (slimmest version)
    Cartier tank Francaise watch in stainless steel
  3. This is a pure wish list, but basically I can't wait to get my hands on:

    Tiffany & Co. DBTY solitaire necklace
    Tiffany & Co. mini bow necklace

    David Yurman petite albion ring (morganite)

  4. Yes, share!! :biggrin:
  5. haha I decided to not show you all until it is complete...I bought a loose stone:graucho:

    no more information until it is set!!!
  6. Looking forward to see what you got Candice!
  7. Went to the jewelry designer and we decided to change the way the stone is going to be set and.....
    I've tried some stacking rings that I am probably going to order. Uh oh!
  8. 18kt gold Daviid Yurman box chain necklace
  9. At first I eyed my husband's limited edition Frank Muller boy size mechanical rose gold watch.

    Last Christmas, I got the Rolex rose gold ladies date just pink dial with diamond markers. These days, I alternate between these 2 watches.

    For Valentine's day, it was Cartier's PG love bracelet &
    love ring, both with diamonds. DH has matching PG love ring & Rolex PG Daytona. Hehe I love love love this lovey-dovey-matchy bit!

    All of these led to the decision to custom design a matching new ering with an existing AES graded 1.5c e color triple e brilliant cut diamond. it's channel set with brilliant cut diamonds.

    Now, I'm almost set...just need a pair of TDF rose gold/diamond earrings !
  10. Lol I was wondering too but didn't want to sound too nosy!
  11. Yayyy, you're on a roll Monica!! Can't wait to see!
  12. haha sorry for leading anyone one...I just thought it would be better to wait until I have it set to show! it should be done in 2 weeks :wlae:
  13. *sigh* fine! :P

    I have no such qualms... :cool:
  14. Next on my list is an emerald green jade bangle
  15. Jewelry tease! ;)
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