What jewelry piece is next on your list? And next? And next? And next? And next?

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  1. So obviously we all like jewelry! Naturally we are all completely satisfied?:P But still... What's next on your wishlist? And next? And next?

    Next on my list are three Pomellato Nudo rings in dark brown, orangey brown and light greenish. It's on my list for 2010!

    What's on YOUR list? :nuts:
  2. A new necklace for sure maybe yurman
  3. Besides the three Pomellato rings I also would like an upgrade of my long pearl strand... Though I feel it's quite silly.

    Also a pair of earings with GIGANTIC Tahiti pearls. Mmm I will start my savings plan now!!
  4. a chocolate pearl ring
    a santa margarita aquamarine
    a very large amethyst ring
    a larger alexandrite (wish list)
  5. -a necklace, I don't have any fine jewelry necklaces. I want to start w/ something teeny, something really delicate that I can wear everyday because I like to wear all my stuff everyday :biggrin:
    -Then eventually I'd love maybe a 2 crt pear solitaire pendant :love:
    -I have a nice watch but it's 8 yrs old so I'd like a new one after a necklace.
    -a chunkier, bigger cttw tennis bracelet.
    -more stackables to add to my stack over there <-------------
  6. A Tiffany key necklace
    A pair of Stephen Dweck earrings in silver(something unusual and a little edgy)
    A strand of at least 16mm smoky quartz facets beads with a huge statment clasp
    and I am always on the lookout for interesting antique gold/platinum statement clasps to create necklaces with........
  7. maybe a DY necklace...that would be nice...something casual for everyday bc all i have is fine jewelry
  8. Cartier Love Bangle
    Cartier Tank Watch small
    Something Van Cleef & Arpels
    Something Chopard
  9. 1.I need a J12, seriously need one :yes:
    2.Another cartier love bangle
    3.Something from VCA :love:
  10. I have two lists, a "to do" and a "wouldn't it be cool" list.
    Honestly, I don't need any new jewelry. The To Do is more repairs/upgrade
    To Do:
    1) Get my great-aunt's diamonds set
    2) Get one of my mother's rings recast.
    3) Upgrade my diamond solitare
    4) Upgrade my studs

    Wouldn't it be cool
    1) Some Kieselstein-Cord gold - probably earrings
    2) VCA - something non-logo
    3) More Hardy?
    4) A white watch (J12? Cristal?) and a gent's watch (Rolex? Patek? Vacheron Constantine?)
    5) Tiffany Diamond palm tree
  11. 1) White gold clasp (Ole Lynggaard)
    2) Sweet drops bracelet (Ole Lynggaard)
    3) Upgrade of my diamond studs
    4) New watch (Rolex)
    5) Solitaire diamond pendant
    6) white gold bracelet
  12. 1) a replacement to my engagement ring which was a teeny tiny 3 stone with a 1.5/2 carat solitaire or princess band.
    2) 2-3 carat solitaire studs.
    3) A stainless Cartier or Rolex to upgrade my Rado
    4) solid gold watch
    5) a 2 or 3 row tennis style diamond necklace

    And more as I think of them.....the list is always never ending
  13. I'm so indecisive but it won't be a watch! LOL! I'm in the "ring" mode now and would love to take a ride to Tiffanys. I'm not into necklaces or earrings. I might want a tennis bracelet someday but I'm thinking of some kind of ring. I don't want Yurman , Hardy, Cartier but I'll know it when I see it!
  14. DEF a Cartier love cuff. That will be in Febuary. Probaly another hand made gold and diamond bangle. I have a design in my mind and it will go nice with my others. I know I am getting more gold hoops and bangles for Christmas. I dont do watches, but a vintage gold Rolex would rock my world!
  15. cartier love bangle!;)
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