What jewelry do you typically wear every day?

  1. Hi new jewelry-loving friends. I'm new here :yes:

    I love hearing about other people's taste and style. So, what kind of jewelry do you all wear daily? Are there specific pieces you never take off? How much do you wear at a time?

    My engagement ring is the only thing I *always* have on; everything else varies... but usually, I'll wear 1-2 additional pieces as well. More than that feels like too much bling to me. :smile: I like necklaces and earrings best, so I'll usually choose *either* a necklace *or* earrings, depending on the neckline of my shirt. I only wear both if each is really tiny. I might add a watch too, but that's rare.
  2. Welcome to tPF! You'll like it here. :smile:

    I wear my class ring everyday, but change the rest of my jewelry daily. I always wear earrings and a necklace, and sometimes a watch and an additional ring or two. When I'm wearing several pieces, I try to make only one the main piece and have the others be subtle.
  3. I must wear earrings typically diamond studs and a watch. I feel naked without them. Also a ring given to me by my fiance as a gift and occasionally, my engagement ring.
  4. Earrings everyday. I feel lost without them, like I forgot my bra or something!
  5. engagement ring/wedding band combo, watch, earrings. feel naked without them!
  6. I used to wear this family heriloom ring everyday but I went and knocked it against a wall and now a diamond is loose! whoops :Push: So at the moment it's waiting to go and get fixed.

    Other than that I usually wear two pairs of studs for work in bright colours which the pre-school children love looking at, its helping them learn their colours too as I have all colours of the rainbow!
  7. I wear my class ring everyday all day. It's the only item I never take off. Doesn't matter if I'm wearing silver or gold. It says on.

    Otherwise, I wear what fits the outfit. I'm currently on the hunt for big, massive hoops
  8. engagement ring
    wedding ring

    I don't wear any fashionable jewelry b/c I am not good at matching it with my clothes. I stick with the classic designs with diamonds. Diamonds goes with everything :smile:
  9. if i remember my watch, always earrings, small posts, or if their more ornate then i skip the necklace. i usually wear a delicate sterling silver necklace.. nowadays the starfish i bought the other day. occassionally my class ring, looking for new rings to buy, my ruby/diamond ring, and maybe a bracelet. it doesnt look like much, for i buy delicate looking pieces, not big eye openers. most of my rings i cant wear! I guess im rather rough on my rings, but i had three rings in ruby, emerald, and diamond, each missing a stone, a pearl ring thats missing the pearl, a couple of others that are too small or missing something, so i need to go get them repaired.
  10. Welcome to tPF!!

    For me, I always have these on:
    1. Tiffany & Co e-ring and eternity/wedding band
    2. Omega constellation watch
    3. Diamond studs

    The rest varies a bit - my collection matches pretty well since it's all the same line, so it's easy to interchange or go without.
  11. My watch everyday, earrings, usually my right hand ring (depends on what I'm wearing so the ring will change), 2 or 3 bracelets on my right wrist (usually a bangle and a chain) and I have a bracelet I wear with my watch. Depending on the neckline of my top, I may or may not wear a necklace. Fun thread!
  12. Oh, fun! My paternal "family" ring (an old-fashioned gold and white gold wedding band) and a super delicate pavé diamond heart necklace my grandmother generously gifted me with this summer. Sometimes, I'll wear earrings, too -- my favorite are a simple pair of gold and turquoise earrings, again, very small and delicate.

    One day, I'd like to have a nice watch to wear, or even better, an engagement ring! ;)
  13. i'm very much a "signature pieces" girl. get back to me in a few years when i've had time to work on my jewelry collection and we'll see if that's still the case. :angel: for now, i'm perfectly content with:
    my wedding set :love:
    small white gold hoops. (the only time i've switched them in the last six years was for my wedding and my best friend's wedding :smile:)
    necklace (which stays the same for months on end...currently it's the return to tiffany oval tag choker)

    that's it. as much as i love jewelry, i sure don't wear much.
  14. Hi Ashlend,

    Welcome to the PF!

    Well, in answer to your question, I make jewelry, so I wear different pieces every day (but I always wear my wedding ring!) I love colorful jewelry using colored gemstones!

    I have 3 holes in each earlobe, and I usually wear small gold hoope in the top two (or sometimes gold posts w/peridot or iolite in the top one) and lately I've been wearing 18k gold drop earrings (today i have on earrings with carved leaf-shaped labradorite beads with small faceted iolites above and below with a faceted amethyst briolette drop hanging below that)
    My necklace today is faceted Iolite beads with indian silver spacer beads on either side of the stones in silver (I mix and match gold and silver, since I have mostly silver necklaces, but now have more gold earrings to choose from)

    When I'm not working with my hands, I also wear one or more gemstone bracelets to match whatever I'm wearing for earrings/necklace, and my lovely engagement ring, which is a 4.82 carat Iolite set in 14k yellow gold.
  15. My everyday pieces:
    *diamond RB solitaire engagement ring
    *5-stone RB diamond wedding band
    *3-stone Ceylon Sapphire (oval) & Diamond (RBs) ring
    *a watch w/diamonds (either a Longines Dolcevita or Technomarine Technosquare)

    most days:
    *diamond studs

    (I sometimes change my earrings if I'm dressed up/going out.)