What jewelry do you travel with? (Specifically Fine Jewelry)


Nov 13, 2007
i'm curious as to what type of jewelry - watches, e-ring, wedding bands, earrings ect. ppl wear when traveling abroad. also if you could include the carat weight of your diamonds (if you bring them) that would be great as reference too! TIA!!! :P
Oct 6, 2007
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Hi, I tend to bring pieces that I know im going to wear all the time, then if i want more looks for going out at night or dressier, than I bring costume jewellery I can take off, leave in the hotel room, or pack in my luggage :biggrin:


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May 11, 2009
Just what I will wear on a daily basis... normally diamond studs that stay in all the time, 1 necklace with maybe a different pendant, watch, my promise ring and another ring for my right hand! If there's an event I'm going to and need fanicer stuff, I pack it in my handbag and as soon as I get to the hotel, put it in the safe!
I live part of the year in Italy and like the ladies who answered above I wear my diamond studs (they go with everything) my wedding ring, watch, r-hand ring, and one bracelet. If I wear a necklace I'll take a few different pendants to change out. If I'm going somewhere fancy I take costume stuff. The real jewelry doesn't come off or get left in the room. No sense in taking chances. If you are going to Europe you'll find that they wear a lot less "bling" than we do. Sterling silver, jewelry without large stones, and modern stuff is more popular. Your big rock of an engagement ring will only draw stares (and not such good ones) so consider leaving it home.


Mar 24, 2010
i bring along with me some simple pieces which i will wear everyday. such as my watch, wedding ring, simple earrings, and a pendant necklace. unless if im attending a wedding abroad, then i bring extra more formal pieces.
Jan 22, 2009
of course, it depends where you're traveling overseas. if I'm going to a 3rd world country, I wear an inexpensive/indestructible watch, simple earrings, & perhaps a cross pendant necklace. if I'm going to europe, I pack a few nice but simple things that can work dressed up or dressed down. I don't like to bring a lot of jewelry with me because I'm not comfortable unless I'm wearing it or it's with me in my bag.


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Feb 11, 2008
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honestly? it depends on where i'm going.

when we went to vegas last year, i brought my good stuff and bling. and when we were at the pool (which was everyday), i would leave my e-ring (which is 3 carats) and my watch (a TAG) in the safe in our hotel room. it was very convenient and secure.

but when i went to england for two weeks, i wore something very simple and easy. just my plain eternity band that i did not have to worry about while walking the streets of london sightseeing.

when i went to nyc for business, again, i wore something very simple but not to be over the top at all since i was there for business purposes and working at trade shows.

when i went to florida to visit my good friend, i knew we were going to be basically hanging out on the beach the entire time i was there, so i didn't want to have to worry about my e-rings, so again, i just wore my eternity wedding band and that's it. it was easy and simple.


Jul 16, 2007
Santa Monica
I've been wondering about this myself since we're leaving for Israel in two weeks. I'm going back and forth between bringing my ering (1.75 in a halo). I've never taken it to Europe, but otherwise I've taken it everywhere I go.


Dec 10, 2008
I bring all of the jewelry I wear on a daily basis:

1. e-ring (upgrade): 1.25 ct
2. eternity band: .75 ct
3. RHR (original e-ring): .85ct
4. diamond pendant: .28 ct
5. baby bezel studs: .24 ct

I think that's everything! :P


Aug 22, 2010
Alberta, Canada
I have lost too many good earrings travelling over the years. So now I just take one pair that will look good with everything and that won't break my heart if I lose them. I also don't want to lose anything valuable through theft or robbery, and you never know where that could happen.

I travel with some costume necklaces and one pair of earrings, a not-too-valuable watch and my Hidalgo wedding band.

I try to travel light, with well coordinated clothing that can do double duty. I do this whether travelling for business or pleasure.
Mar 2, 2006
I take either my pearl studs or diamond studs, e-ring & watch. I like to wear all of the pieces that I bring so I don't have to worry about them. If we're travelling for a wedding or another formal event, I prefer to bring costume jewelry, so I don't have to worry about something happening to my expensive pieces.


Mar 22, 2007
And I apologize if I missed this in a search, compress if I did.

I am having a huge battle in my head about whether or not to bring/wear my diamond studs on my trip to visit my inlaws. I only usually wear them 1-2 times a week, and that's like the HIGH end of my wear. Usually I just wear/bring my wedding set. Is that something I should leave behind?


Jan 23, 2010
Whatever I wear daily are the jewelry I travel with such as my ring, the necklace my boyfriend gave me, and simple earrings.


Jun 20, 2006
Just what I wear every day (and maybe a pair of nice earrings if we're going out). I'm pretty paranoid about loss and customs.