What jewelry do you take with you on trips?

  1. Inspired by the jewelry-roll thread below. :smile: Of course, the obvious answer is "Depends on where I'm going..." but if you were going on vacation for say, a week, what kinds of things would you make sure to have? And how much?

    Since jewelry doesn't really take up much extra space, I usually bring more than I really need, so that I have choices. :smile: Aside from my wedding and engagement rings, I would always take at least one everyday watch (maybe more, depending on what outfits I'm packing), and I don't think I've left my city in the last 10 years without my Mikimoto pearl stud earrings. I would also take a couple plain, low maintenance items like simple necklaces or small hoops, and one dangly pair of earrings for nighttime. No need for bracelets on vacation -- I almost never wear them.

    What do you bring?
  2. if i know i'm going someplace fancy for dinner or something, i pack my pearl set...otherwise i only bring whatever my "everyday" jewelry is at the time because i'm already wearing it :smile:

    i'm so boring about jewerly. such a shame. hehe.
  3. i only bring what i will wear everyday as i don't feel safe leaving it unattended.
  4. I would avoid bringing any valuable jewelry when I travel. I never feel safe in a new city.
  5. I have some silver pieces by Tiffany and Garrard that I like to bring, also my pearl stud earrings. Other than that I usually only pack more expensive jewelry if I'm staying with friends or family. I just don't feel like messing with a hotel safe.
  6. If i go to a trip where I will be on the beach most of the time, I only take costume jewellery because if I lose it, I won't die of shock.

    If it is a business trip, I wear all my real jewellery as I would in home, since I would do work and go to the hotel and dinners.