What jewelry craze/trend are you so over/never got into?

  1. Large men's watches on women - I think it looks fabulous on many ladies, but it's overdone. You see so many people wearing them whose style would better match a dainty watch.
  2. I never got into those Pandora charms, or the little square Italian charms to make a bracelet. I'm sticking with gold and gemstones and diamonds....
  3. TBH, most jewelry trends pass me by. I like what I like, regardless of whether it is popular or not, so I never have been swayed by Pandora/Trollbeads, Tiffany silver (or most silver/white metal jewelry), three stone rings or pendants, rose gold, etc. Rose gold always reminded me of Black Hills gold. Despite it being significantly different, I just can't shake that association. I really just prefer pieces with meaning to me. Jewelry is spendy enough that I don't see it as trend-worthy.
  4. I love gemstone jewelry. ;). Gold and silver :smile:. Oh and I also love leather cuffs...
  5. Daytona watch on women
  6. Never got into any Tiffany RTT, Pandora or Hermes Clic Clacs..... might just be something about bracelets!
  7. That whole lucite jewelery trend. It looks really good on everyone else but for some reason it just doesn't look right on me. But I STILL bought lucite bracelets and watches that I never used and now need to re-home!
  8. Ditto...Pandora charms, never liked them at all!
    I also don't like dangly charm braceletes.
    When I was in my early to mid 20s, I liked dangly, chandelier earrings. Now, I only wear simple studs.
  9. Ditto
  10. I love the Tiffany tag jewellery but was put off wearing it when I saw Chavy girls wearing it or similar pieces it really ruins such a popular piece . I don't mind seeing regular girls in it it can look beautiful on them but I'm talking about the cheap looking track suit wearers with fake oversized gold jewellery :sad: very sad to see. It might not be real Tiffany Ive never had a close enough look
  11. I never got into Pandora charms. I'm also not a fan of VCA; I prefer Cartier and Tiffany.
  12. Definately the Pandora/Trollbeads, they are everywhere.
  13. Not into pandora charms, or VCA or cartier love, or Chanel or Hermes (my hubby can breath better lol), but I am into Tiffany and Cartier watches and that's bad enough ...
  14. Finished my first (and only) Pandora bracelet in under a month last year and won't be starting another. While I like the bracelet I've put together, Pandora no longer appeals to me.

    Am also not a fan of VCA or any kind of costume jewellery.
  15. Never been into pandora charms, they are very overpriced for what they are IMO. Saying that, I've had people commission really interesting necklaces with the 'pandora inspired' charms.

    While I don't mind the Cartier Love and some VCA pieces, I could never see myself wearing them.

    I've also never been into Swarovski jewellery or similar where the metal is studded with lots of tiny crystals. I do like the Swarovski beads though, and the solid crystal pieces.