What jewelry craze/trend are you so over/never got into?

  1. What is the trend that totally missed you?? Or a classic collection you never got into?

    For me it was pandora charms, some are cute and tempting, but not worth it to me.

    How about you?
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    ITA about the Pandora or Trollbeads charms, just never got into them and figured they would become a dated trend. I try to stick with classic, timeless pieces.
  3. pandora charms for sure, i never find them tempting even.. never looked at them.
  4. Pandora anything, pretty much any bracelet business. Ceramic watches.
  5. Pandora !!! I'm so over it ... Really sick of it
    I collected a full gold bracelet, two tone and a couple of silvers ... I never wear them now
    It's something I was obsessed with for about 2 years and it just got boring
    It doesn't help how many people wear it, it's extreamly common (in silver at least)
    I ended up with a complete all gold bracelet and it just didn't do anything for me
    I sold some of my gold... I only have the all gold bracelet , safety chain and 2 charms for it now and I kept my 2 tone for sentimental reasons but don't wear it. I plan to sell everything eventually
    Really is the most ridiculous thing I've ever done I wasted so much money on this craze which did nothing for me in the end
    No offence to anyone who loves it this is just my story
    It didn't help that everyone I speak to about it is so bitter and jealous everyone competes with it and I just got bored with it the jewelry and the people
  6. the whole charm trend,
    swarovski jewellery- not worth the price imo for rhodium plated brass and crystals.
  7. Definitely pandora for me.... I have never get into it and never will.
  8. For me the Tiffany toggle necklace! I seen too much of it to like it anymore!
  9. For me it's the vca alhambra and cartier love/trinity. i cannot justify paying 5-10X the material cost for what appear to be very simple designs; not to mention that the workmanship of these 2 houses have significantly weakened as they became more mass market in the last several years.

    I would however continue to collect vintage cartier (specifically the art deco period).
  10. I would never say vca or Cartier was a craze that's just me
  11. Pandora, trrollbeads, chan Lu wrap bracelets, those enamel baby shoe necklaces....
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    I wouldn't call it a trend or a craze because I think it's beautiful and timeless, but I have not been able to talk myself into rose gold. I don't think it complements my particular skin tone, and it doesn't sit well in my brain that it contains a significant percentage of copper.

    Oh, and silk cord bracelets. I love them on others but have not been tempted to buy any for myself.

    I hate to write this, as I have spent so much money on my Love cuff and bangle, but I'm over those now and rarely wear them. I see them too often now, and they don't seem as special or edgy to me anymore. I would still love to buy the Juste un Clou bracelet, though!
  13. multi charm bracelets
  14. Name/initials necklaces.
  15. Anything trendy in jewelry. Of course, one could argue that the classic styles had to be trendy at one time!

    Rose gold: pretty, but looks AWFUL on me. I'm a pale redhead. You can't even see it on my skin, at least a delicate chain.

    Past, Present, and Future pendants. I think these have been waning for some time now, though.

    I never do trendy with anything--I'm just a boring old bat. If I do like something, I'll wear it (at least with jewelry). I do this often with antique pieces--I figure, if they're pretty, who cares if they are in vogue?