What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today???

  1. Going for the stacked look today!
  2. Me too!! I wish I had all these pieces to constantly wear!
  3. That sounds amazing! Please post pics!!!
  4. Pendant: stelring silver setting, with a very large, checkerboard-cut pinkish rough-cut ruby, with a garnet forp and 2 small, white pearls, on a sterling chain

    Earrings: drops of oval rough-cut rubies in sterling silver

    Bracelets: 13, very thin Mexican silver bangles on my left wrist ( I wear these at least once a week--I guess you could say they're my signature piece, at least in the bracelet world!)
  5. Earrings: 0.3 carat diamond earrings.
    Ring: engagement ring
    Bracelet: diamond and sapphire tennis bracelet.
  6. left : Hermes twilly + Love bracelet (oops missed out from the shutter) + bold ring (gift from a friend)

    right : pass down yellow gold ring stacked with tiffany metro + rolex daytona + amber beads

    DSC07004-18pc.JPG DSC07012-18pc.JPG DSC06986-18pc.JPG
  7. Here are some pics...
    image-1382359732.jpg image-1035420142.jpg image-385146681.jpg
  8. Woohhoo, you have the thin CDC in gold Bethc it´s so pretty!! I was at H yesterday and tried the rose gold with diamonds on!

    Here is todays "outfit". Hermès CDC, Hapi and clic.
    P1050939 (640x480).jpg
  9. gorgeous dzi! I love the "bold ring" from your friend

    it works so well together, no wonder this is your everyday go to ;)

    nice stack!
  10. Thank you:smile:
  11. Love everything! adding the twilly is a great idea
    Wow! great to see the pics, all the Cartier :loveeyes:
    Your H stack is beautiful!
  12. Amazing! I love the color match together
  13. so good!!

  14. random pieces
  15. :d