What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today???

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  1. So...you know when you have too much jewelry you forget what you own. I'm getting a new battery/cleaning for my Cartier watch so I have to wear my Tag watch. Haven't worn it in 3 years. I have jewelry all over the house...the good stuff in a safe. While looking for the Tag I found these diamond hoops. Forgot I even owned them. Better yet...I like them! :biggrin:
    diamond wg hoops.jpg
  2. 20191020_202629.jpg What I wore today: Torque necklace, Royal Cord band, and Cable Cuff.
  3. Working today so try not to wear more than 3-4 pieces: Kiki McDonough pearl drop/diamond huggie earrings in 18k YG, 0.75 ttcw diamond eternity ring in 18k WG and Cartier Trinity ring (small model).
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  4. Wow! Is that a fire opal or orange sapphire? Or?
  5. I'm sorry, I have no idea. It's a really old family heirloom, that found its way to me. Anyone I could ask about it's origins has passed. I will show it to one of my jeweler/goldsmith buddies, maybe they can say something about the stone(s). (Never bothered to have it appraised.) I just liked it, and kept it over a long time.

    Kind regards,
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  6. Is is orange or red? I suspect it is a sapphire. It could be a ruby (which is a red sapphire) if not too orange. Let us know when you find out. It’s lovely! Was it always a tack? Or possibly an earring?
  7. Thank you very much! It's a dark/deep red, definitely not orange. The way it's made (one piece) I'm inclined to say it was always a tack. :smile:

    I will have it checked out next time we meet up, and report back. :smile:

    Again, thank you! :smile:

    Kind regards,
  8. Kiki McDonough Domino (blue topaz on gold disc)/diamond huggie earrings, 0.75 ttcw diamond eternity ring in 18k WG, Cartier Trinity ring (small model) and Cartier Love cuff in YG.
  9. Duplicate post.
  10. Georg Jensen citrine drop earrings in 18k YG, 0.75 ttcw diamond eternity ring in 18k WG, Cartier Trinity ring (small model) and Cartier Love cuff in YG.
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  11. Every time I see some, I know I Love Georg Jensen! Is it super pricey?Just a range, not necessarily your item, everyone who has one.
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  12. Thank you. What I am wearing is silver so is not that much for example the ring is about 750 and the bangle 525 Australian dollars as I am here however there are priced that are about 10k if in gold and diamonds I love their work. Só different too. You should check their website it’s really beautiful.
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  13. I only have the citrine earrings (would love more!) and from memory they were £650ish. They are so beautifully made. I would love the blue topaz drops in 18k white gold.
  14. David yurman 00000PORTRAIT_00000_BURST20190818191109537.jpg
  15. Pearls!
    Amazing Grace cross fheshies Akoya.jpg
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