What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today???

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  1. Gorgeous!
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  2. Thank you! I love it!
  3. I keep coming back to this. I absolutely love that ring, I really hope to own one some day. Beautiful :smile:
  4. I wish it for you !
    It’s perfect for an everyday jewel.
  5. Much blue today. :smile:
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  6. Mappin and Webb Empress diamond earrings in 18k YG, pink sapphire and diamond three stone ring in 18k YG, half carat diamond eternity band in 18k YG and Cartier Love cuff in YG.

    Having a pink day today so also wearing my Tag Aquaracer with pink MOP face, diamond bezel and diamond markers.
  7. Georg jenssen Grape ring and Savanah bangle.

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  8. My Dior Viii Montaigne automatic watch, Tiffany Ziegfeld 10-row pearl bracelet and 2.65 yellow cushion-cut diamond ring with yellow pear side stones. DA368A6E-9052-46A9-B89C-B482CFF5BA93.jpeg
  9. Not much can top FREE gelato!! Friend got me gelato (JP inside Aria in Vegas) for my birthday : )

    H enameled watch
    LV bracelet (excellent as buffer)
    Vintage bracelet

    Happy Humpday!!

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  10. Happy Hump Day GL! Free gelato :faint:
    Have you tried Bellagio's gelato? :faint: :lol:
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  11. Hi ATB&S, if you’re talking about the gelato next to the world’s largest chocolate fountain, then I think we are talking about the same place. JP is inside both Aria and Bellagio, and I’ve gotten gelato at both.

    To stay on topic, here’s another jewelry pic:

    pearl necklace from Saks, Initials necklace from Logan Hollowell, and custom pet portrait necklace from Etsy.

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  12. :heart: the Burrito necklace! I may need one for Noodle.
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  13. My new David Yurman Novella ring. :biggrin: Best birthday gift ever! I can't stop admiring it, the color of the stone is STUNNING. I'm so happy. :biggrin:
    That whole collection is gorgeous, I hope they do some more pieces with silver (so I can afford to buy more haha!)

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  14. „Can‘t start a fire without a spark.“ ;)



    Kind regards,