What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today???

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  1. My lovely Cartier Panther ring ! Love it so much !!!!
    Also my wedding band...

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  2. Victorian tortoiseshell mourning necklace with locket
    8ECA0205-17DE-42F5-9A0C-2A10B24F6566.jpeg 073231F0-BAE0-4D1E-9355-291057E816FD.jpeg
  3. Bvlgari 0 ring
    LV circle reversible bracelet
    Toruń bangle Georg gensen

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  4. Wow! I just love this so much!!
    Is it real tortoiseshell?
    Please tell us about it. I would love to own a piece but believe there are restrictions now on purchasing tortoiseshell and ivory but maybe antique is ok.
    Does anyone know?
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  5. It is real tortoiseshell and is legal to buy and sell in the US because it’s an antique. I don’t know if it could be shipped out of the country. New tortoiseshell from a turtle is illegal to buy or sell. Tortoise was super popular for the second year of mourning in Victorian times when all black all day was allowed to be relieved by brown lol. They made grief into a hobby. I have a cuff bracelet that I got in England and another locket on a tortoise watch chain that I found at an estate sale in need of tlc (baby oil perked it up).

    Buying elephant ivory depends on what state you live in. In all, new elephant ivory is rightly banned. In most, antique ivory is legal to buy and sell, but in some like CA and NY it is illegal to buy ivory of any age...although not to own so if you moved there owning family pieces or something it’s ok. I have a couple small ivory roses that were my grandmother’s and a pendant that is antique that I bought. I say elephant ivory because there is also mammoth ivory, which I own, that falls into a weird area of being colored with the all ivory is bad brush even though it’s from an extinct animal and yet is legal to sell unless your state banned all ivory. Native Alaskans carve it as a business, which is where mine came from. My avatar is my elephant carved of mammoth ivory based on a pendant in a book I became obsessed with as a kid. Not sure where you live, but Britain is soon to ban all buying and selling of any ivory hoping to make it worthless to stop poaching...

    Both are tricky because you have to know your state’s laws, know you aren’t buying modern pieces using newly killed animals vs antiques made before bans, and know you aren’t paying the price of real and buying faux as both substances have always had look a likes (tortoise objects were faked with celluloid, bakelite and horn back in the day, now with plastic) (ivory mimics are bone, tauga nut and celluoid).
  6. Thank you so much for such great information.
    I fell so madly in love with your mourning necklace that now I’m on the hunt!!!
    The craftsmanship is just gorgeous and I love the substantial-ness of it as well as the gorgeous tortoise shell.
    Thank you again!
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  7. David Morris daisy ring

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  8. Victorian Scottish agate orb locket

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  10. I am at office.
    Purple dress with floral prints.
    A gold chain paired with pearl gold earring and
    a band ring (wedding ring).
  11. Your stack rings and sapphire ring are beautiful!
  12. AEF09C4D-9493-4CF9-810B-27BAF48DF760.jpeg 0D6A487B-B705-47FC-9E39-79D724EB75CF.jpeg 87B67079-6411-4F35-8B55-5DA8CC66C325.jpeg A94E8319-48CB-4998-91AA-5733E4BFABF6.jpeg My diamond necklace, my sapphire and diamond ring, my stack rings, my diamond bracelet, and my two tone hoops.
  13. That is lovely.
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  14. My daily jewelry!

    -Mejuri 14kt gold hoops

    -Tiffany and Co microlink hardwear bracelet
    -Skelton Jewelry (local jeweler in PGH) concrete cuff with a tiny diamond!
    -Tiffany and Co Atlas bangle

    -birthday gift: sapphire and diamond ring
    -Tiffany and Co hardwear ball ring
    -Tiffany and Co Atlas ring
    -Cartier love wedding band

    -Tiffany and Co yellow gold dbty
    -Tiffany and Co yellow gold mini smile
    -Potada Chen necklace!

    It’s a ton—my boyfriend calls me a crow :biggrin:

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  15. Wearing my new Tiffany RTT medium heart in gold on a 20” chain.

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