What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today???

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  1. Here is my right wrist today of David Yurman and Hermes:

  2. My left wrist with Michele watch and DY bracelet:

  3. My today's coordinates are my ruby and diamond rings and a pandora and links of london bracelet and my small gucci watch with a new leather watch strap. ^-^

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  4. Kiki McDonough pearl drop and diamond earrings, Cartier Trinity ring stacked with half carat diamond eternity band in 18k YG and Cartier Love cuff in YG stacked with diamond bangle in 18k YG.

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  5. Haven't worn this necklace in a couple of years...don't know why? Wore it last night and I intend to wear it more!
    diamond collar.jpg
  6. Gorgeous necklace, skyqueen! Love the two-tone, graduated diamonds, and classic style. I have a Phillipe Charriol bracelet and ring with a similar look that's been sitting in my jewelry box. Think I'll bring it out and wear it!
  7. ...and post a pic! :flowers:
  8. This needs a LOVE button, SQ!!
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  9. No jewelry today. Going to one of the rental properties to do some work in preparation for sale.
  10. Fingers crossed!
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  11. 20190715_220229.jpg
  12. I have a bracelet just like that but with colored gems, lol
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  14. 1.50 ttcw diamond inside out hoops, turquoise necklace and diamond bangle, all in 18k YG.

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