What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today???

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  1. Kiki McDonough Lemon Quartz detachable drops, Kiki Fantasie Blue topaz/gold pendant, Kiki Ripple ring (notice a theme here? LOL) with blue topaz, Rolex.
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  2. 9ct gold graduated albert bracelet.
    8 full sovereigns and 2 half sovereigns
    Xx 20190703_144228.jpg 20190703_144216.jpg 20190703_144204.jpg 20190703_144139.jpg
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  4. On the left wrist yesterday milou.jpg
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  5. On the right wrist today:

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  6. They all sound beautiful - would love to see photos! I adore Kiki jewellery, I only have a pair of diamond huggies and detachable drops at the moment but have my eye on a few other pieces.
  7. Aww thank you. I've always loved it x
  8. 2D4CF468-E84D-4240-B0F9-7BD5D2E86962.jpeg 3274127B-1C93-4336-8DA5-23F21E3A3F15.jpeg 751689EA-44BC-481B-A0B6-9729679F636C.jpeg
  9. Kiki blue topaz square drops with YG huggies, rolex, kiki ripple ring in blue topaz
  10. More DY and Hermes
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  12. Thank you! I got you DM - I will take a couple of pics of my coin piece - only have two and nothing spectacular unfortunately.
  13. Trying on my new tennis bracelet! Will have to give it back until the baby arrives but I really love it IMG_20190704_135740.jpg

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  14. That split-shank ring is really beautiful!
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  15. Thank you ! I wanted the 11mm size but opted for the petite.
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