What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today???

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  1. This is a photo from an ad from the brand. Mine is the same length. I sometimes wear the three pieces with separate chains in three different lengths; it looks beautiful too!
    I also have bracelets and rings from the brand, and all the pieces are just stunning!!
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  2. Wow!! It is amazing. Lucky you to have that many beautiful pieces. [emoji253]
  3. Thank you!
  4. IMG_0217.JPG
    Judith Ripka canary CZ and white sapphire necklace.
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  5. My new tennis bracelet. I usually wear only earrings. I realise bracelets are a kind of “happy jewelry” - you get to see it and feel happy just looking at it. Earrings are great but doesn’t do anything for one’s 91980E3A-1BBF-48CC-ABBD-EFC1304FDD58.jpeg mood cos one cannot see it.
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  6. 93706894-7413-4C35-817F-9566ADBA7328.jpeg
  7. Lovely bracelet! Congratulations! [emoji173]️[emoji254]
  8. Thank you!
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  9. Trying a new necklace combination. I changed the chain on the diamond pendant to a mixed rose gold and white gold chain and combined with my diamond smile necklace.

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  10. ☀️☀️☀️

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  11. IMG_1852.JPG
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  12. Hi there after liking this ring so much as the designs in this stone are not as nice but this is ab gorgeous and thinking I would def like one of those in my collection, guess what I found yesterday and have bought it today can’t wait for it to come

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  13. Wow that is just like mine. Hope you enjoy it!
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  14. .
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